An Open Letter to Blogger/Blogspot

Posted by jun auza On 3/08/2008
The Blogger/Blogspot Team,

I, a Blogger Publisher, together with those who will support me, kindly request the Blogger/Blogspot team to increase your efforts to improve your services, particularly those who are with the Blogger Help and Support group. This is in relation to blogs that are locked due to possible errors of your "spam detection bots" that classified some Blogger/Blogspot blogs as spam blogs.

I do not discourage your continuous attempts to fight spam blogs, and I understand that your spam detection system is not perfect. However, I and those who are victims of this erroneous lock-up, ask you to please act swiftly and fulfill your promise of (4 business days) waiting period for our blogs to get reviewed and reactivated.

After I've read some complaints posted in the Blogger Help Group, about blogs that were locked for almost "two months" already, I became very concerned. I visited those said blogs and found out that they were definitely not some spam blogs. What's worse is that those posted complaints didn't even get a response from anyone in the Blogger Support Team.

I consider myself somewhat fortunate that my main blog, which is where I'm posting right now, was not affected. Although, I fear that someday those buggy spam detection bots will also take down this blog by accident, and Blogger/Blogspot will let me wait in vain, again. Still, I want my locked blog to be reactivated as soon as possible as with others who are also tired of waiting and wishing to get their blogs back.

I ask all Blogger Publishers, whether you are affected by the lock-up or not, to support this open letter by leaving a comment here. Let's hope against all hope that someone from Blogger/Blogspot will get to read this letter and will take necessary actions.


Blogger/Blogspot Publisher


UPDATE: Blogger finally restored my blog after 11 days.

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