FYI: Linux is Here to Stay, and Rule!

Posted by jun auza On 8/14/2008
I'm sometimes annoyed when I read some ignorant people's comment that Linux doesn't matter anymore and that it is slowly dying. Like, a comment from a blog said, "Linux? Do people still use it?" Another one, a hermit probably, wrote, "I think Linus Torvalds is the only person in the world right now who's using Linux". These people must have been living in a cave for the past 10 years.

Cavemen, read this timeline for goodness sake and realize how big Linux has become:

* 1983 (September): GNU project was announced publicly
* 1991 (September): first version of the Linux kernel was released to the Internet
* 2001 (second quarter): Linux server unit shipments at 15% annual growth rate
* 2004: Linux shipped on approximately 50% of the worldwide server blade units, and 20% of all rack-optimized servers
* 2005: Microsoft representatives accuse Brazilian college using Famelix of pirating Microsoft Windows
* 2007: Dell announces it will ship select models with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed
* 2007: Lenovo announces it will ship select models with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 pre-installed
* 2007: HP announces that it will begin shipping computers preinstalled with Red Hat Linux in Australia
* 2007: ASUS launches the linux-based ASUS Eee PC
* 2008: Dell announces it will begin shipping Ubuntu based computers to Canada and Latin America
* 2008: Dell is shipping systems with Ubuntu pre-installed in China
* 2008: Acer launches the Linux-based Acer Aspire One
Source: Wikipedia

Not only giant computer makers are adopting Linux, but also government institutions, schools, and businesses from different countries. Indeed Linux has gone mainstream, and it's not finished yet. However, I don't want to predict right now that it's going to kick Microsoft Windows' fat ass and go beyond its market share in the near future. One thing is for sure though, Linux is here to stay, and it's here to rule.

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