Installing and Running Chromium OS on the iPad

Posted by jun auza On 9/30/2010
Installing and Running Chromium OS on the iPad: If you have an iPad and is already bored of using its default operating system, then you may want to follow what Hexxeh did. He just installed Chromium OS, an open-source Google Chrome-based OS, on the iPad.

I’m still a bit skeptical about this exploit since there are no exact details on how he did it. But he posted a photo (see below) and a video of his iPad running Chromium OS to somehow prove the hack.

It's really hard to tell if the hack is real or not just by looking at that lone photo, or by watching this very short clip:

If this is indeed real, then it is something to be excited about. Imagine the possibilities of dual-booting iOS and Chromium OS on your sleek iPad. It's like having the best of both worlds. It also means that we can now run Flash on the frigging iPad.

In case you are wondering, Hexxeh is the developer or creator of Flow, an application based on Chromium OS that runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Is the hack real? Do you think that it is now possible to install and run Google Chrome OS on the iPad? Please share with us your thoughts regarding this one via comment.

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