Distro Rankings According to Alexa and Compete

Posted by jun auza On 6/04/2008
A website's popularity is often measured by its web traffic or the amount of data sent and received by its visitors. Alexa and Compete are two of the most widely accepted services in measuring a website's traffic data. What if we will use these two web traffic analysis services to measure a Linux distribution’s popularity?

To make this possible, I gathered the homepage address of the current Top 5 most popular distros according to Distrowatch’s ‘Page Hit Ranking’, and then utilized them to gather the web traffic information with the aid of course of Alexa and Compete.

Here are the results:
(click on the graph to enlarge the images)

Here is a chart to clearly see the outcome:

Notice the differences between the current Distrowatch (distro) ranking when compared to the rankings based on the traffic data from Alexa and Compete.

Is a site’s traffic stat a better measurement of a Linux distribution’s popularity? Share to us your thoughts.

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