World's Funniest Windows Error Messages

Posted by jun auza On 5/27/2010
World's Funniest Windows Error Messages: We all know how it sucks to see error messages. If you have been using Windows all your life, you have probably seen lots of them already.

Since some people have learned to look at the bright or should I say funny side of life, they have decided to create something out of those error messages. They have Photoshopped or edited some Windows error messages and made them look so realistic to try to tickle our funny bone.

I want you all to sit back, relax, and enjoy our collection of some of the world's funniest Windows error messages:

BSOD must be closed

What will you do now?

Missing keyboard

Just a bug

Too much uptime

Bad Office Assistant

Windows has performed an illegal operation

The operation completed successfully... or not!

Microsoft EULA violation

Deleting data on a free space

Totally understandable EULA

Everything's messed up

Just an Error Reminder

The Missing Tips File

Windows Hardware Update

What would you do now?


The end of the Internet

Random error

Replace user

Error deleting files

Too much errors

Remind me next year

From a Russian ATM machine

Is the last one real or not? I hope you had fun but if you want more amusing stuff, you may want to check these out:

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