8 (More) Free and Open Source Project Management Software

A few months ago, we have featured here some of the best free and open-source project management software. To recap, project management software covers many types of applications that may include scheduling, tracking, reporting, resource allocation, communication and administration among others. It is designed to help companies or organizations complete a project quickly and efficiently.

For those of you who are interested, here is another round of excellent free and open-source project management software (in no particular order) that we have not included on our previous list.

GanttProject is cross-platform desktop project scheduling and management software that is based on Java. It uses a Gantt chart for task scheduling and doing resource management utilizing resource load charts. With GanttProject, you can build work breakdown structure, draw dependencies, and define milestones. Users can save charts as PNG images and can generate PDF and HTML reports. It is also possible to export projects in Microsoft Project formats and spreadsheets with CSV. A web representation of GanttProject has been created at SourceFroge. It is able to generate xml file's directory and create a summary and an html chart for each file using Python, HTML and CSS.

NavalPlan is a web-based project management application written is Java. It is designed to satisfy particular needs of companies and organizational complexity of the underlying productivity processes in the naval sector. NavalPlan has several features that include configurable Gantt chart from Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), overload resource allocation control, cost analysis based on work reports, earned value management, flexible calendars, and integration with other NavalPlan instances and third parties. It also offers functionalities like quality forms, project templates, planning scenarios, and multiple task progress measurement.

Peppercan is a suite of software modules that include CRM, project management, emailing, finance, and events tools specially designed for small and medium business operations. By combining core business functions into a single platform, it automates routine sales functions and allows enterprise managers to view the company's performance in real-time. Peppercan has an easy-to-use interface, and its functions can be easily handled through its onscreen dashboard.

eGroupWare is a free open source enterprise ready groupware developed for small to large businesses. It allows users to manage contacts, appointments, todos, etc., and access the EGroupware server using supported groupware clients such as Kontact, Evolution, and Outlook among others, and via mobile or PDA devices through SyncML. eGroupWare can also be accessed directly through its native web-interface and works with majority or possibly all popular Internet browsers. At the moment, it has translations for more than 25 languages, which include right-to-left language support. eGroupWare depends on a standard X-AMP System and is platform-independent.

Planner is a project management tool for the GNOME desktop environment. It's a GTK+ based application written in C and can store its data in either xml files or in a postgresql database. For easy viewing from any web browser, projects can be exported to HTML or printed to PDF. Planner features calendar management, link tasks, resources management, exportation to different formats, and more.

PHProjekt is a free and open-source groupware and project management web application written in PHP and is available in different languages. Its functionality can be extended through different add-on packages that include but not limited to synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. PHProjekt can handle large amounts of data with a filter system in the list view and can access selection per project, module, and item. It supports multi-project management with unlimited levels, and each project can have its own set of modules. PHProjekt has an intuitive user interface with features such as live search, tagging, and in-place editing.

web2project is a free web-based, multi-user, multi-language, business oriented project management program that is developed and maintained by an open community of volunteer programmers. It offers a secure web-based infrastructure that can handle any number of projects, companies, departments and users. web2project has a role-based permission system, which gives project managers close-grained control over sensitive data. It has a modular infrastructure that supports addition or removal of modules to customize the features and cater to the needs or demands of different users.

Project-Open is a free and open-source web-based ERP/Project Management application designed for companies with 3-3000 employees. Its main aim is to help users manage or run businesses by covering areas including CRM, sales, project planning, project tracking, project collaboration, time sheet management, financial management, invoicing and payments. Currently, more than 3000 companies use it worldwide (in more than 80 countries). As of December 2009, the Project-Open community page had over 10,000 registered users.


  1. Althogh NavalPlan was originally developed for Naval sector, it is really useful for any kind of organization that needs to schedule, monitor and control their projects.

  2. I would tend to question Peppercan as an Open Source project. One must not only be using Open Source to claim that title but also permit others to have access to the source.

  3. eGroupWare is a really good project management software. My former company uses it and it certainly make things a lot easier.

  4. I would recommend to take a look at Redmine

  5. I've tried many of these, but Redmine ( is by far my favorite.

  6. jxProject is another free project management tool.

  7. I would add OpenERP/OpenObject which can be deployed as a full featured PM solution with both desktop and web UI (mobile platforms support in dev by various partners) and that can be further extended with the many modules available.


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  10. I would add ProjeLead to the list. ProjeLead is a mix of project management and simple collaboration features

  11. One more free open source project management and collaboration system is Teamlab (

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