25 Best GIMPed Images

Posted by jun auza On 7/11/2008
GIMP is an amazing image editing software that allows people with limitless imagination create extraordinary images out of ordinary photos. To let you see what I mean, I have here a collection of some of the most beautiful and sometimes funny GIMPed images. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as I do.

1. An eye with regard by funadium

2. Gloomy Sunday by dryguy

3. Fearless Explorer by PhotoComix

4. Antarctic Terrier

5. Chapter III of the Epic by swobodin

6. Cherubs in the Sky by picasocat2

7. Sandra Bullock, a la Vermeer

8. Space Shuttle Organia

9. Burger, to go

10. Elemental by flyzipper

11. Worst Christmas Gift Ever

12. Off The Wall by jancyclops

13. Chamber of Secrets by swobodin

14. Trouble at Turtle Crossing

15. Beautiful couple

16. Dusty Baker blows a gasket

17. First flight

18. Grimace visits Japan

19. Skateboarder

20. A great pug expression

21. If the music career hadn't worked out

22. Summer Dreams

23. Dead trees, old man by padesig

24. Bad Day on the Midway

25. Fun with Muppets and Shrubbery

Credits go to this link HERE, and to those who shared some of these images on flickr.

If you know a link or two to other beautiful, humorous, or even weird GIMPed images, feel free to share it to us.

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