The release of Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" is just moments away. If indeed this latest version of Ubuntu will sport a new theme, then we will certainly be seeing an ultra-fresh default wallpaper. I've seen several great-looking wallpapers posted at Ubuntu Wiki that would look good on Intrepid Ibex (see below).

However, to those who would choose not to use the upcoming default Ibex wallpaper for some reason, I have here a collection of beautiful Ubuntu wallpapers that you may like:

1. Natural Art

2. Porsche


4. Rainbow

5. Smoke

6. Flower

7. Ice

8. Sandstone

9. Spirolight Black

10. Hole

11. Nubuntu

12. Globe

13. Luna

14. Lava

15. Sleek Smooth

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