25 Awesome Slackware Wallpapers

Posted by jun auza On 8/14/2009
Slackware, the longest standing Linux distribution has plenty of loyal followers even up to this day. So I'm not surprised to see a lot of user-created artworks like desktop wallpapers that are dedicated to this tenacious distro. And there's no doubt that some of the coolest distro wallpapers that are currently available are related to Slackware.

To somehow give a little tribute to a distro that has become a foundation to several popular Linux distributions, I have collected a handful of awesome, high quality Slackware wallpapers that I hope many of you will like. So without further ado, in no particular order, here they are:

Slackware Newbie


Ready to Slack

Blurry Slack

Spray Paper

Slackware Security

Slackware Graffiti


Slackware Cylinder




Slack Ninjas

Slackware Dark-eye

Scorpion White

Scorpion Metal-black

Slack Yellow

Slack Wolf

Slack Stripes

Slackware Classic

News Spray


Sensual Slack

Slack White

Slack Evening

If you know a link or two to other great Slackware-related wallpapers, please share them with us via comment.

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