Revelation: Why I Still Use Microsoft Word

Posted by jun auza On 11/08/2009
Even though I use Linux on my main workstation, I have to admit that I can't live without Microsoft Word so I have it installed through Wine and VirtualBox.

I know there are several good Office Suites that have capable word processors and run natively on Linux. But I still prefer the one that's made by Microsoft for a very simple reason. --I need a reliable grammar checker.

You may already know that I am from the land of Manny Pacquiao, the Philippines, so I don't speak or write in English that well. That is why I heavily rely on MS Word to save me from total humiliacion humiliation :-)

I once tried Writer with Language Tool extension installed, but it is still not as good as MS Word when it comes to correcting grammatical errors. To prove it, see the following screenshots:

MS Word...

OO Writer...

As you can see, MS Word recognized all the wrong grammars and spellings. Meanwhile, OO Writer failed to identify three grammatical errors.

So that is why I still use MS Word even until now. But I know OpenOffice and other free and open source Office Suites for Linux are continuously improving that I’m sure I won’t be in need of Microsoft Office any time soon.

Do any of you out there also prefer to use MS Word in Linux?

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