Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

Posted by jun auza On 12/02/2009
Not long after Google Chrome was released, we've featured here a few sample extensions. Now that there are plenty of Google Chrome extensions available, I would like to share to you some of those that I think adds important functionality to this fast and simple browser.

Here are my top 10 favorite Google Chrome Extensions (in no particular order):

1. AdBlock+
To those of you who can't live without Firefox because of the ad-block extensions, perhaps you will now give Chrome a try because of this.

2. Dual View
This extension will let you create two side by side panels in the same tab so that you can view two sites at once, which is really useful for quickly comparing things like search results or products without opening a new tab.

3. Web Developer Mini
This tiny web developer extension adds menu for viewing source and for validating HTML and CSS.

4. Xmarks
One of my favorite Firefox extensions for syncing bookmarks is now available for Chrome. To download, you will have to register first.

5. Gmail Checker
Adds a notification button to the menu bar for new emails (Gmail) received.

6. Feedly
This extension (also popular among Firefox users) will turn Google Reader into a magazine-like start page. It also offers seamless integration with Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Amazon.

7. Google Chrome Backup
This extension will let you create, backup, restore and manage Chrome profiles. It will also let you easily restore lost settings in case there is a system crash or accidental deletion.

8. Gtalk Extension
This adds a button to the toolstrip of Google Chrome, and when clicked opens a new small window that asks you to put your Google Account username and password so you can start to chat immediately.

9. Chromed Bird
For Twitter addicts, this extension is all you need for reading and posting tweets directly from within Chrome.

10. Micro
Micro is a tiny set of controls for radio. This cool extension toolstrip will work without having the need to log into

How about you? What are your favorite Google Chrome Extensions?

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