Linux users? Who are these people?

Posted by jun auza On 3/28/2010
Among the three major operating systems, you may know that Linux has the lowest market share on the desktop but is leading the server market. However, Linux on the desktop is slowly but surely going mainstream that's enough to scare the crap out of Microsoft. People who have been using Windows or Mac all their life maybe curious to know who are the minority (Linux users) and why are they still using this unpopular OS. Well, allow me introduce them to you:

* Practical people
Since Linux is free, easy-to-use, secure, and has almost the same features as Windows or Mac, people with no-nonsense attitude are using it. They have recognized the value of Linux and appreciated the fact they will never have to empty their wallets whenever it's time to upgrade or get a new version of their favorite distro.

* Programmers
Linux is a programmer's heaven. It has tons of pre-installed or compatible tools and utilities that make them productive such as text editors and IDE software among others. Popular programming languages like Python and Perl are also often included in almost all Linux distributions. Not to mention the power of the Linux/UNIX command line at their disposal.

* Casual to Hardcore Gamers
Who says only Windows has great games? With Linux, gamers can still enjoy some of the many quality free and open source games such as first-person shooters, puzzle/arcade games, 3D racing games, and more. They can also install and play Windows-compatible games on Linux using Wine.

* Business Owners
With lots of free and open source finance and accounting software that can be installed on Linux, there's no doubt that a lot of business owners are using it. It's also a good way of cutting expenses so it's a real blessing to have Linux around during these tough financial situations.

* Netbook Users
We all know that several distributions are pre-installed in some of the most popular netbooks on the market so I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of netbook-with-Linux users out there. Linux runs smooth on most netbooks these days so why don't you try something like this: Installing Ubuntu Linux on a Netbook.

* Artists
Professional graphic designers, photographers, animators, and other artists are known to use Linux since there are a lot of available software that they can use free of charge. So if you are an artist yourself, perhaps you should check these out:
- 2D Animation Software
- 3D Graphics Software
- CAD Software
- Vector Graphics Editors
- Digital Audio Editors
- Video Editing Software

* Geeks
I shouldn't fail to mention the friendly neighborhood geeks who aren't afraid to mess up with their computers. These people will be more than happy to share with you all the joys of using Linux and they will even give you a Linux LiveCD for free.

I could go on and on but in general, almost all kinds of people are using Linux nowadays. So if you are part of this minority, stand up and be proud that you are part of something good.

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