A Music Lover's Fedora Linux Workstation

Posted by jun auza On 4/20/2010
We've got here our very first entry for "The $100.00 (USD) Coolest Linux Workspace Contest". It's from Mauricio, a Music Theory student. If he wins the contest, he says that he will be using the money to buy a USB mic for some serious music recording.

Check out Mauricio's Fedora Linux workstation:

Owner's note: My current system was built about a year ago and I do NOT dual-boot. I have been using Linux for almost two years. I started with Fedora, but tried other distros and always come back to Fedora.

I'm running Fedora 12 64-bit and I am waiting for Fedora 13 to be released... I can't wait! One of the monitors I cannot get to work... there was a bug in the first nvidia kmods, but it seems the patch has been implemented for a while now, but I never bothered to mess with my xorg.conf anymore since Fedora 13 is around the corner.

Thank you Mauricio and good luck!

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