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Posted by jun auza On 6/29/2011
Right now, Android and iPhone are battling it out for the top spot on the smartphone market. Android has marginally overtaken iPhone’s market share and is standing tall with its head held high. However, this doesn't mean that Apple is going to back down.

With the upcoming release of iOS5, they are attacking the droid from all angles possible. Nevertheless, one shouldn't believe the Apple fanboys when they say that iPhone is the better device.

Android beats iPhone hands down in as many as 10 areas. Here's a look on why you should choose Android smartphones over iPhone.

Android is open source, sort of
Android smartphones are based on an operating system that is both open source and freely available. Even though, there was a controversy about Google holding back Android's code, Android is not as restrictive as iOS. Apple can put any feature, and we mean absolutely any feature in the iPhone and the user won't even know about it.

More carriers
Android devices support almost all the mainstream mobile networks in the U.S. However, iPhone on the other hand, supports only Verizon and AT & T. So, in case you hate your network, you'll have to stick with it forever.

Flash support
Many people agree with Steve Jobs when he says that Flash is a primitive technology that is holding back the progress of the web. But, when we browse the web for a while, there's a huge chance that we'll end up at a site which uses Flash somewhere. Android does a good job at supporting Flash from the start, thus making web browsing as good as it is on the computer.

Many devices to choose from
When you buy an iPhone you have no choice but to buy the device manufactured by Apple, whether you like it or not. Android however, offers its users a lot of choices in this field (see: 3 Latest Android Superphones To Satisfy Your Smartphone Lust). If say, you don't like using touchscreen devices, you can easily go for an Android phone that comes with a physical keyboard.

Truly Wireless
Android syncs with multiple services and that too wirelessly. iPhone users are tied down to iTunes for all their syncing needs. Wireless sync is still unavailable in iPhone even though it has been 4 years since its first release. Also, updating an iPhone is quite a drag as the user has to connect the phone to the dreaded iTunes and wait for the device to reboot. Android does a great job by including over-the-air (OTA) updates keeping a mobile phone what it should truly be - wireless.

A person who is looking to buy an Android smartphone can go for a lower-end model if he's a little short on cash. An iPhone buyer has to shell out $500 or more no matter what.

iPhone is a trap
iPhone is designed to make sure you end up buying more stuff from Apple. iPhone (pre-OS5) is still locked down to iTunes, and users still have to rely on it for upgrading their OS. Furthermore, you have to download/buy apps only from the iTunes store and nowhere else, which mean you’re stuck with Apple forever. Moreover, Apple makes sure that you buy accessories only from Apple and not from someone else. What a rip-off!

Multitasking and cut, copy, paste for everyone
When it comes to multitasking, Android has always been a step ahead of iOS with all its models supporting the feature from the start. IPhone on the other hand, made the feature available only for its later models starting with iOS 4. Also, Apple left out an essential feature like Cut, Copy and Paste in its initial model. The feature was then introduced using a paid OS upgrade. No wonder, Android users had a great laugh about it.

Works on Linux (officially)
Android smartphones connect perfectly with Linux across all distributions. iPhone on the other hand requires the proprietary iTunes which works only on Windows and Mac.

Perfect for open source fanatics
If you're a stickler for open source stuff, Android is the perfect platform for developers and for users. On iOS there are only a handful of open source apps, thanks to Apple's restrictive policies. However on Android, one can find a lot of quality open source including popular ones like Firefox, Ubuntu One and Frozen Bubble.

Written by: Abhishek, a regular TechSource contributor and a long-time FOSS advocate.

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