A 50-monitor Setup Powered by a 25-node Linux Cluster

I stumbled upon a website that showcases a 50-monitor setup powered by a 25 Linux cluster, which I think is awesome and could easily win any Linux workspace contest if qualified. The display is composed of fifty 21-inch touch-screen monitors that can run at a resolution of at least 12800x5120 (65,536,000 pixels). Meanwhile, the Linux cluster is made up of 25 Shuttle PCs. Here are some photos (click on the images to enlarge):

The 50-monitor setup

25-node Linux Cluster at the back of the display

Actually, the 50-monitor is a display prototype that was developed at the Gigapixel Lab at Virginia Tech. Andrew Sabri, a Virginia Tech alum involved in the project, is the one who shared the photos and noted that they would try to run some games on it. I hope he could give us some updates and more photos if they were successful in turning this setup into a gaming beast.

By the way, Andrew has also posted some images of a 24-monitor setup that successfully runs Quake 3 at 10240x3072 resolution and at 15-30 FPS. The display is powered by 12 Linux servers utilizing Distributed Multihead X (DMX) and Chromium (not the web browser). Chromium was used to distribute the OpenGL rendering from the head node to all of the servers. Here some images of the 24-monitor Linux setup:

Running Quake 3 using 24 monitors with a combined resolution of 10240x3072 pixels

12-node Linux cluster (2 monitors per server) at the back of the display



  1. Looking for a how to on setting up a modest dual monitor desktop....this one is cool!

  2. and i thought triple-head was cool :)

  3. someone should use this to have a 21,000 photo montage of mario lemiux ass cheek.

  4. But will it run Crysis?

    Come on, how did nobody ask that yet? :P

  5. Actually you can easily build something like this using Rocks Cluster Linux. They have a "roll" that is specifically for this type of thing.