Getting Jaded with Compiz Fusion

Posted by jun auza On 10/25/2007
Getting Jaded with Compiz Fusion: I just came from a short vacation together with my son and wife. I’m feeling a little tired today, so I decided to just play around with the spanking Compiz Fusion. I found out that Compiz has really matured a lot since its earlier adaptation in OpenSuse 10.0.

I can still remember spending countless hours editing Xorg.conf, installing the proper driver in CLI, and even reinstalling the distro just to get it working. I must admit that the desktop effects of Compiz Fusion are more stunning and easier to activate now than ever before, but I still enjoyed the old and difficult version of Compiz because of the fulfillment it gave after a successful installation and configuration. Now don't get me wrong, maybe I’m just jaded right now with all the desktop eye-candies.

To those who can still appreciate the cool desktop effects, have a capable hardware and get a Linux distro with Compiz Fusion installed.

I took some screenshots of Compiz Fusion in action on my new Ubuntu 7.10 desktop...

How about you? Are you bored with all the fancy desktop eyecandy already?

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