Goodbye openSUSE, Hello Ubuntu

Posted by jun auza On 10/24/2007
Goodbye openSUSE, Hello Ubuntu: I used to think that openSUSE is the most complete, most good-looking, and most secure Linux distro that I prefer to employ it on my main workstation. Then version 10.3 came, and my love for openSUSE quickly evaporated. Here's the story.

I was very excited when openSUSE 10.3 was released few weeks ago. I then downloaded the 4GB DVD installer and patiently waited for it to finish in two days, only to find out later that the ISO image I got was somewhat broken. I tried downloading again, but this time I selected the Gnome only CD version because I didn't want to wait for another two days to try out and use the latest edition of my most favorite distro. Luckily, the download turned out successful and took only about 6 hours to complete. I burned the ISO then started the clean installation. I find the graphical installer quick and responsive than ever before, but the set-up was completed in 5 hours. Yes, my patience was again tested as I waited for another FIVE long hours because I added the OSS and NON-OSS repositories to avoid the hassles of adding it later on. Then, as it was time for my first login, the system just froze to death at the login menu. I rebooted but the same thing happened, and I can only log on in safe mode. I have never experienced something like this when I installed openSUSE 10.1 and 10.2 before, using the same machine. I didn’t want to waste more precious time in finding the cause of the problem and ultimately fixing it. I just gave up and found comfort by downloading Ubuntu 7.10.

The day after my misfortune with openSUSE, I tried and tested Ubuntu. I was immediately impressed with the Gutsy Gibbon’s quick installation, great hardware support, and fancy looks, that I decided to stick with it for good. Other excellent features I noticed early on included:

* Vast software repository
* Fast start-up and shutdown
* Less resource hungry than openSUSE
* Very responsive desktop
* Stable Compiz Fusion

These were just my initial reactions while using Ubuntu 7.10, and indeed they were all good. But I know I still have to try it a lot longer to find out one important thing that I really value most in an OS, and that is stability. For now, I have to bid farewell to openSUSE and hope that my first impressions with Ubuntu lasts.

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