Goodbye openSUSE, Hello Ubuntu

Goodbye openSUSE, Hello Ubuntu: I used to think that openSUSE is the most complete, most good-looking, and most secure Linux distro that I prefer to employ it on my main workstation. Then version 10.3 came, and my love for openSUSE quickly evaporated. Here's the story.

I was very excited when openSUSE 10.3 was released few weeks ago. I then downloaded the 4GB DVD installer and patiently waited for it to finish in two days, only to find out later that the ISO image I got was somewhat broken. I tried downloading again, but this time I selected the Gnome only CD version because I didn't want to wait for another two days to try out and use the latest edition of my most favorite distro. Luckily, the download turned out successful and took only about 6 hours to complete. I burned the ISO then started the clean installation. I find the graphical installer quick and responsive than ever before, but the set-up was completed in 5 hours. Yes, my patience was again tested as I waited for another FIVE long hours because I added the OSS and NON-OSS repositories to avoid the hassles of adding it later on. Then, as it was time for my first login, the system just froze to death at the login menu. I rebooted but the same thing happened, and I can only log on in safe mode. I have never experienced something like this when I installed openSUSE 10.1 and 10.2 before, using the same machine. I didn’t want to waste more precious time in finding the cause of the problem and ultimately fixing it. I just gave up and found comfort by downloading Ubuntu 7.10.

The day after my misfortune with openSUSE, I tried and tested Ubuntu. I was immediately impressed with the Gutsy Gibbon’s quick installation, great hardware support, and fancy looks, that I decided to stick with it for good. Other excellent features I noticed early on included:

* Vast software repository
* Fast start-up and shutdown
* Less resource hungry than openSUSE
* Very responsive desktop
* Stable Compiz Fusion

These were just my initial reactions while using Ubuntu 7.10, and indeed they were all good. But I know I still have to try it a lot longer to find out one important thing that I really value most in an OS, and that is stability. For now, I have to bid farewell to openSUSE and hope that my first impressions with Ubuntu lasts.


  1. I'm glad that you have switched to Ubuntu because OpenSuse sucks like Microsoft nowadays.

  2. Bad for you. For me it was another way round. I like SUSE and cannot stand Ubuntu. I must suffer brain damage to call Ubuntu look "fancy". For me it is almost the example of ugliness.
    For the record. I downloaded openSuSE KDE 1. CD install disc in 2 hours and installed it in about 30 minutes of 1.9 Gig system. It works with no glitches so far and is damn fast. Boots a bit faster than Ubuntu.

  3. "opensuse suscks like Microsoft"
    hm, poor argumet :-)

  4. Dude, You can't blame the opensuse guys coz YOUR network is erratic!
    BTW, u have opensuse 10.2, so must b having ktorrent. Ktorrent has a button somewhere, where you can verify ur download. The verification takes 5 mins but it will automatically download those chunks whose hash values are not right. So u may have not needed to spend 2 more days on the download! And opensuse 10.3 is not a huge difference from 10.2, so u could have rather pgraded those packages which u regularly use, through yast.
    Update urself thru mirrors such as packman, skymirror, etc., found in their official site.

    Pls comment on "opensuse sucks like M$"

  5. After years of Debian and Ubuntu I thought I would give openSUSE a try (v11.1). openSUSE's stability and performance does not even hold a candle to Debian and Ubuntu. I should have known not to venture from the tried and true.

  6. Now, listen to my story. I do agree that SUSE suck -- facked me up. Well, at first, I was thinking I'm going to install OpenSUSE because UBUNTU in too mainstream. Yes, I do appreciate Open Source Software but this one really facked me up. I installed and deleted my wendows MBR. I was thinking it was okay because I'm switching to SUSE. The installation took me about less than 8 hours i think (while reading some books, so as to not get bored). Installation finished. IT IS SUPER SLOW! By the way, I'm using LXDE desktop that's why can't figure it out why it's slow. Finally, i have to go back to wendows to download FEDORA but I realized my MBR was destroyed. OMG! OpenSUSE facked mu up.

  7. Aside from a few bugs with the onscreen keyboard and double click issues Linux Mint 14.1 Cinnamon is better than OpenSuse 12.3 KDE/Gnome. OpenSuse 12.3 is very buggy and overall slower. This was on an Acer W500 Tablet BTW.

    As far as Windows sucking.. that is no more than a biased comment. Both OS's have their strengths/weakness' and Linux will take another 30 years just to gain a user experience comparable to even an old OS like Windows 95.