As with the U.S. economy, it seems like the web traffic of several well-known Linux related news sites are slowing down. According to statistics from Alexa, famous sites like Slashdot,, and Linux Journal among others have a sudden decrease in site visitors. For the last few months, the decline is unbelievable. See the graphs below to know what I mean:


Linux Journal:

Should we trust Alexa's traffic stats?
Alexa is known to be really inaccurate. Take for example my site. There are days when I'm having insane number of site visitors, but when I check Alexa's stats, I'm seeing the opposite; traffic stats are down during those days.

To Apple fanboys who think that this is happening because Linux is out and Mac is in, check-out the stats of your favorite Apple news sites below:



I've heard Alexa updated their algorithm several months ago, so this could be the real reason why the stats are messed up.

Do you still trust Alexa’s traffic rating system? Feel free to share with us your thoughts.

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