Hackles: Funniest Comic Strip About Hacking and Linux

With all those sad news about the global economy, it's hard not to be affected psychologically. However, if you know how to laugh in the face of danger, everything's going to be OK.

Lately, I've been reading a lot of online jokes that I bumped into this old and stagnant website which featured a funny comic strip entitled Hackles. The main character named Hackles is a dog programmer who is clearly into Linux and open source. He is joined by two tux-looking penguins, a web-developer cat, and some other cool characters. If you are a pure-blooded geek, you will surely enjoy Hackles as it is filled with humor about hacking/programming, Unix/Linux, and just about anything that's related to computers.

Let me share to you some of my favorite Hackles issues from the comic archives. Enjoy! (Click on the images to enlarge)

* The penguins give the office network a Lord of the Ring theme

* Programming: Art vs. Science

* Hackles wrestles with his Linux setup

* Microsoft's latest fiasco

* Every coder has a favorite neon-yellow caffeine drink

* New computers for everyone! Percy and Pete come up with host names

* The new iMac identity crisis

* What is the best search engine?

* Hazel finds a stumbling block in UNIX

* Katrina gets Slashdotted

Visit for more.

I hope Hackles and the gang will be back someday as they sure know how to make a geek laugh.


  1. Hackles is my favourite comic strip for ever and ever.

    I've been crying since Hackles freezed.

  2. Thanks a lot for this one. I didn't know there exists a comic strip like Hackles. It sure is still funny even though it's kind of old.

  3. Why did it stop :'( I have already read all the strips 3-4 times... It just rocks...

  4. The couple who did hackles together broke up... and didn't want to keep doing the strip together.