Best Linux/FOSS News Websites of 2008

Posted by jun auza On 12/13/2008
The Best Linux/FOSS news websites of 2008 were chosen based on the site’s relevance, importance, and popularity. Also, the freshness, quality, and consistency of the news stories or information that are featured on these sites are essential.

Without further delay, in no particular order, here are the best Linux/FOSS news websites of 2008:

The Linux page on Slashdot is still one of the best if not the best news site for hardcore nerds. It contains intelligent topics and often serious (user-submitted and editor-evaluated) issues and news that readers/members can comment on. The front page stories posted on Slashdot will usually receive tons of comments that frequently leads to interesting discussions.


If you are looking for the freshest news on Linux and all things related to open source software, then you must go to There’s never a dull moment at Tuxmachines as it is always filled with dynamic and quality content. Also, the articles featured there are handpicked to cater all kinds of readers. In my opinion, Tuxmachines is currently the hottest Linux/FOSS news aggregator site on the planet.

Digg (Linux/Unix Section)

This site really needs no further introduction, but I have to explain why I included it. As I’ve said earlier, a site’s popularity and its content is key. Digg, with its millions of visitors per month, has certainly helped spread the good news about Linux and stuff that’s related to free and open source software, so I think Digg (Linux/Unix Section) deserves to be listed here.

Linux Today

Linux Today is consistently one of the most popular if not the most popular news aggregator site among Linux users. With its thousands of readers per day, other Linux/FOSS-related aggregator sites are still trying to emulate what Linux Today has accomplished. Its excellent content is updated almost every hour so readers are never left behind with all the latest news on Linux and free and open source software.


After all these years, DistroWatch has remained the most indispensable website when it comes to the newest and important information regarding Linux and BSD distributions. Its up-to-date distro ranking system, though not perfect, still adds excitement to the site and can still influence how people pick a distro to download and eventually use. Plus, its DistroWatch Weekly column is hard to miss.

I know there are a lot of other great Linux/FOSS-related news websites that I failed to mention here, but I have to narrow down my choices. And then of course, you have to help me choose which one should be included in my "best of the best" list by voting below:

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