Beranger Sucks!

As some of you may know, Beranger, a long-time FOSS-lover/’harsh critic’ has ended his love-hate relationship with Linux by announcing to the whole world that he has jumped ship.

“In a world with too many irrational religions, who needs another one, called... Linux on the desktop? Red Hat doesn't believe in it, so why should I?”

He also added that he will not be supporting free and open-source software anymore and have decided to remove the free ads on his blog at the end of the month. He said,

“Technical & ethical note: the four distro-related banners that are currently displayed (gratis) on this blog — two of them as “non-profit distro ads”, and the other two as “personal achievement awards” — will only run through December 31.”

Beranger has been using Linux since 1996 and has been well known for his strong and honest opinions on free and open source software through his blog.

“Officially registered with the Linux Counter on Aug. 26, 1996 at #37.497, my attitude towards Linux was not constant over time, with a lowered interest between 1998 and 2004. Since 2004, I tried to trust Linux more than before, and to exclusively use it on my home PC and old laptop — then on the new laptop too.”

A few of Beranger’s readers are still hoping that his move is just temporary, but I think otherwise. Based on what he’s been saying, I believe his move to Windows will be for good no matter how boring his life will become. Sure he can always go back to using Linux and start talking or blogging about it again, but that would surely blemish his reputation.

To end this post, I would like to quote a short and sweet comment from a reader of Beranger’s blog:

“Reading your blog it was obvious that Linux doesn't work for you, no matter how hard you've tried. If Windows does, then so be it.

But since nothing's perfect, I'll enjoy reading your Windows' rants from now on ;-)”


  1. Beranger does not only suck...
    He actively censors comments to make him look good. Very poor character.

    All his points against Linux are negated by my experience with Debian Testing for the last 8 years.

  2. His post looks more like a vista ad than a honest opinion. Most of the statements are so thin that me with just almost 3 years of GNU/Linux experience can disprove.
    Internet advertisment is big business, this post stopped more people from trying Linux than Seinfeld and Bill Gates together.

  3. The antics of mercurial personalities often offer some entertainment value. It would be a mistake to look for too much else to gain from them.

  4. He has readers? Wow. I guess it takes all kinds, eh?

    Seriously, though, that guy is and always has been a complete and utter moron. I'm surprised anyone bothered to even listen to him.

    Most of his posts were hateful and misinformed, to say the least.

    When developers responded to him, he'd flame them and tell them they didn't know what they were talking about - even when correcting facts about the projects they wrote!

    Thank god he's leaving. Showing his true hypocrisy as he does. Can't say that I didn't see this coming.

  5. I was among those saying he'll return. He rants like this for ATTENTION.

    Vista schmista. You'll see.

  6. He used Linux since 1996 and only now found it sucks now?

    I can't help wondering if he was offered a big cash payment by Microsoft to turn his views - perhaps part of Microsoft's expensive ad campaign to get people to use Windows. That seems to be the only rational explanation for this sudden revelation.

  7. Why would Microsoft pay *him*? He's such an insignificant retard that he likely isn't even on their radar, nevermind important enough to pay to change his views. Look at 99% of his past rants, they've all bashed FLOSS projects, usually whilst also bashing the developers of said projects.

  8. Roy, we all know Beranger craves attention and that's why he attacks everyone under the sun, but it's not appreciated. Just like it's not appreciated that you attack everyone under the sun simply because something doesn't fit neatly into your black & white world where anything outside of your favorite linux apps gets blasted with your hate and libel.

  9. Anonymous says... blah blah blah.

    you know what i think? Beranger is a human being with an opinion. Just because he has the balls to be an individual and not an anonymous ghost like most people, he suddenly gets attacked by the hoard of bleeding hearts out there who think that red apples are better than green or whatever. Find a target and vent accordingly. Seriously grow up children, linux, windows and mac. All have their place and purpose, pros and cons so GET OVER IT.