Flashback: Nelson Mandela on the Meaning of "Ubuntu"

What is Ubuntu? --I can hear you all saying that it is a popular Linux distribution. What is the meaning of the word "Ubuntu"? --Some of you are probably Googling for it right now :-)

The first time I hear about Ubuntu Linux I also became curious about its name. I’ve read articles explaining where the name comes from and what is its real definition. But perhaps the most memorable explanation I’ve heard on the meaning of Ubuntu came from one of the greatest leaders of our time.

Here’s Nelson Mandela explaining what Ubuntu means:


  1. Just in case you were not aware, this video clip is included in the 'example' content of every ubuntu release since way back (dapper, at least, probably even earlier)

  2. I would like to share a song dedicated to Mr. Nelson Mandela. This song was written by the ever greatest rock&roll band of Hong Kong "Beyond" and the ever greatest song writer/singer Mr. Wong Kai Kui long before Mr. Mandela had become the president of South Africa. Sadly Mr. Wong had left us for 15 years.