Best Linux/FOSS Podcasts of 2008

Posted by jun auza On 12/10/2008
One of the most fun ways to get your daily dose of Linux and other FOSS-related news is to listen to a podcast. Sometimes fueled by beer-drinking podcasters, the discussions are always entertaining and informative at the same time, that’s why I make it a point to listen to an episode of my favorite podcasts each day.

In no particular order, I have here a list of some of the best and highly recommended Linux/FOSS podcasts of 2008:

Linux Outlaws
The Linux Outlaws has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. With an aim to misbehave, hosts Fabian Scherschel and Dan Lynch launched the show barely a year ago. It has continuously been updated once a week ever since.

This interesting description of Linux Outlaws as seen on their website accurately describes the show:

Linux Outlaws is a podcast about Linux and free and open source software. We are normal users like yourself rather than part of the in-crowd of community leaders and hardcore kernel hackers. On the show, we talk about interesting news and developments and stuff that we come across in our daily usage of Linux, often with a serious attitude and a humorous angle (the podcast has been described as being "very laid-back" by listeners and reviewers alike). We don't claim to be gurus or experts on anything, but we're trying very hard to provide you with a good time and interesting information.

The chemistry between Fabian (the German guy with a funny accent and a tongue-in-cheek humor) and Dan (the laid-back British open source enthusiast/musician/programmer) is so great making Linux Outlaws a podcast worth listening to.

FLOSS Weekly
Produced by TWiT Network, FLOSS Weekly is hosted by the well-known technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte. Leo’s co-host for the first seventeen episodes was Chris DiBona of Google, and later on Randal Schwartz. The show premiered on April 7, 2006 and has 49 episodes under its belt.

FLOSS Weekly is purely an interview type of podcasting with famous guests from the free and open source software community. Their long list of prominent guests include Guido van Rossum, Jimmy Wales, Jon "maddog" Hall, Rob Malda, Jeremy Allison, and many others.

With great hosts and equally great guests, FLOSS Weekly can’t go wrong. The show has always been interesting, and listening to it has already become a weekly habit of mine.

The Linux Action Show
Hosted by Bryan Lunduke and Chris Fisher, The Linux Action Show has been around for more than two years, and is updated every two weeks. Sadly, the Season 9 Episode 10 podcast was their last ‘long format’ edition.

The Linux Action Show starts with Bryan’s animated intro summarizing the hottest stories of the week. The show features discussion about FOSS, a call-in question-and-answer segment, and news about events and issues in the Linux community.

The Linux Action Show has already interviewed a good number of famous FOSS developers, advocates, and entrepreneurs including Mark Shuttleworth, Jono Bacon, Justin Steinman, and Kevin Carmony.

The Linux Link Tech Show
The Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS) is considered as the oldest and longest running Linux show on the planet. Lehigh Valley Linux User Group members Dann Washko and Linc Fessenden originally started it in September of 2003. They were joined later on by Allan Metzler and Patrick Davila.

Broadcasting live on the internet every Wednesday with a podcast version available shortly after, TLLTS has already produced more than 250 episodes. TLLTS has been visited by some of the most notable free and open source personalities like Richard Stallman, Chris DiBona, Bruce Perens, Ian Murdock, Patrick Volkerding, Mark Shuttleworth, and many others.

TLLTS is loaded with fun-filled discussions on the latest news in FOSS, and the show is also known for running gags and goofs. You can also learn a lot of useful information from listening to TLLTS since some of its hosts are considered gurus/experts in their own field.

Launched in 2004, the British-based LugRadio podcast is hosted by Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Community Manager), Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter and Adam Sweet. LugRadio takes both a serious and humorous look at Linux and events in the free and open source software communities, as well as coverage of technology, digital rights and politics.

LugRadio has been featured in Linux/FOSS-related magazines such as Linux Format, Linux User and Developer magazine, and Linux Magazine. The show was also mentioned by many popular websites including Slashdot.

In July 19 2008, at the annual LugRadio Live UK event, the LugRadio team bade farewell to their listeners. However, it was announced that there would still be a LugRadio Live 2009 even though new episodes are not being produced. Though the show has ended, their loyal fans will always remember their rock and roll style of podcasting. You can still download and listen to all the LugRadio episodes HERE.
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