Why iPod is Rockin’ with Rockbox

Posted by jun auza On 2/19/2009
I realized that I've been using Rockbox instead of my iPod's stock firmware for more than 2 years already. It's rock solid and I never encountered any problems with it that I didn't even bother upgrading to the latest Rockbox version for the longest time now.

I want to convince people to install and use Rockbox because I can honestly say that it's the best thing that ever happened to my iPod by pushing its limits and making it more capable and useful. So, I thought I should share to everyone some of my reasons why I use Rockbox (and you should too) and why it is still rockin’ after all these years.

* Copy and paste. Yes we can.
With iPod's stock firmware, you will have to install iTunes or any of those iTunes replacements to manage and transfer files to and from your iPod. With Rockbox, all you have to do is connect your iPod to a computer and transfer files by copying and pasting just like when using a USB flash drive. No more syncing hassles.

* Look Ma! I can play Doom on my iPod
Only few iPod owners know that it’s possible to play Doom on their beloved audio player. With Rockbox, you can install Doom on iPod and I can assure you that it will work smoothly and you will have lots of fun. What a way to take a break from listening to Barry Manilow’s greatest hit songs.

* Zoom in, zoom out
Have you sometimes wished that your iPod’s own photo viewer could zoom in and out on the photos you are viewing? With iPod’s tiny screen, I’m sure you have. Rockbox’s JPEG viewer plugin has a zoom in and zoom out feature that you will likely find useful.

* Theming
Like me, I’m sure you want to change your iPod’s default theme to fit your mood, to be unique, or whatever your reasons. Rockbox will make theming possible. In fact, I made a post about some of the great themes for Rockbox that you can easily download and install.

* More games and plugins
With Rockbox, you are not just limited to playing Doom because there are plenty of wonderful games to choose from via plugin. To name a few, there’s Chessbox, Brickmania, Bubbles, Packbox, Sudoku, and Jewels. Also included are useful plugins like Calculator, Calendar, DiskTidy, RockPaint, and so much more. For a full list of plugins and for more details, you can go HERE.

Since Rockbox is constantly being developed, I expect to see more features coming real soon. So, that’s about it. I hope some of you out there will get to try Rockbox after reading this. And, to those who have used or are already using Rockbox, we also want to hear your experiences through comment.

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