4th Gen iPhone to Have Multitouch Casing?

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4th Gen iPhone to Have Multitouch Casing?: There is a rumor right now which originated from Robert Chen of Goldman Sachs that the 4th Generation iPhone models will have a touch-sensitive casing. He made this prediction upon seeing the new multi-touch Magic Mouse.

According to Mr. Chen, "Magic Mouse, a computer mouse released in October, has a touch-sensitive solid plastic shell that replaces mechanical buttons. The technology may be replicated in the new iPhone to offer touch-sensitive features on the rear of the handset, Chen said."

To be honest, I think his prediction is really absurd because putting a multi-touch surface at the back of the iPhone has no use and is plain distraction.

If you ask me what are the most likely hardware upgrade and changes of the 4G iPhone, here's my list:

1. Camera will be upgraded to 5 Megapixels and it will have LED flash.
2. Another camera will be added at the front for applications like video conferencing and probably games among others.
3. Storage will be increased from 32GB to 64GB and (maybe) 80GB.
4. A slight screen size and resolution increase.
5. A thinner design.
5. New iPhone colors will be introduced.

I still have a lot on my mind but that’s it for now. And let me reiterate, the 4th Generation iPhone will not a have touch-sensitive casing crap.

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