Top 10 Google Chrome Themes

Posted by jun auza On 8/07/2009
Just like Firefox, Google Chrome web browser is now theme-able. That is if you have Google Chrome 3.0 Developer Preview or the most recent Chromium build installed.

From the gallery, there are currently 28 (excluding the default classic theme) good-looking themes that can be easily downloaded and installed. Clicking on the "apply" button will automatically download the .crx theme file, and then immediately install it. There's no theme manager so you will have to type the following in the address bar if you want to quickly uninstall or reload a theme:


At the moment, here are my Top 10 favorite Google Chrome themes:

Pencil Sketch

Cork Board


Glossy Blue




Late Night

Legal Pad

Zen Spring

Soon, Google will allow users to create their own themes, and then upload them to the gallery. By the way, the Google Chrome themes gallery can be found HERE.

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