Macintosh Laptop Computers Suck!

Posted by jun auza On 7/22/2010
My 2-year old Macintosh laptop computer, a 15-inch 4th generation Macbook Pro (with Intel Core 2 Duo "Penryn" processor), just died. Well, it is almost completely dead because when I turn it on I can still see the front indicator light blinking and can hear and feel the optical disk drive and HDD moving or humming. I followed plenty of troubleshooting guides (including this one) from the basic to the more advanced but without any success. Based on reading several forum posts and articles from people who are having similar issue as mine with their Macbook Pro, I made a conclusion that this could be a hardware problem --most probably a broken logic board.

I called up several authorized Apple repair centers here and they say that the total cost of replacing my Macbook Pro logic board would be around $700. With that amount, I could buy a new laptop or netbook with decent hardware specifications so I'm contemplating on having my MBP repaired or selling it on eBay.

I loved my Macbook Pro and I've been using it mainly for work and business-related tasks. I also installed Linux and it runs smoothly on it. That is why I never thought of replacing it even though its hardware specs have already been surpassed by newer notebook computers.

I have already calmed down and have controlled my anger since I’m finished copying most of my important files from my Macbook Pro using backup software and online backup services. But I have to say this, Macintosh laptop computers suck! If you are thinking of buying a Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro, think again.

Macintosh laptops are way overpriced. I bought mine for more than $2,000, but since it was my dream laptop, I didn't think so much about the price back then. Now I realized that Apple are making laptops with cool, gorgeous, and innovative design, but stuffed it with crappy, defective, and low-quality hardware. Heck my wife's $500 Lenovo netbook is poised to outlive my MBP. So once again, stay away from Macintosh laptop computers. They are not worth it.

I’m thinking of getting a Dell or an HP notebook with 13-15-inch screen size soon. I need one with high-resolution display and up to Core i7 processor. --Any suggestions?

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