Macintosh Laptop Computers Suck!

My 2-year old Macintosh laptop computer, a 15-inch 4th generation Macbook Pro (with Intel Core 2 Duo "Penryn" processor), just died. Well, it is almost completely dead because when I turn it on I can still see the front indicator light blinking and can hear and feel the optical disk drive and HDD moving or humming. I followed plenty of troubleshooting guides (including this one) from the basic to the more advanced but without any success. Based on reading several forum posts and articles from people who are having similar issue as mine with their Macbook Pro, I made a conclusion that this could be a hardware problem --most probably a broken logic board.

I called up several authorized Apple repair centers here and they say that the total cost of replacing my Macbook Pro logic board would be around $700. With that amount, I could buy a new laptop or netbook with decent hardware specifications so I'm contemplating on having my MBP repaired or selling it on eBay.

I loved my Macbook Pro and I've been using it mainly for work and business-related tasks. I also installed Linux and it runs smoothly on it. That is why I never thought of replacing it even though its hardware specs have already been surpassed by newer notebook computers.

I have already calmed down and have controlled my anger since I’m finished copying most of my important files from my Macbook Pro using backup software and online backup services. But I have to say this, Macintosh laptop computers suck! If you are thinking of buying a Macbook, Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro, think again.

Macintosh laptops are way overpriced. I bought mine for more than $2,000, but since it was my dream laptop, I didn't think so much about the price back then. Now I realized that Apple are making laptops with cool, gorgeous, and innovative design, but stuffed it with crappy, defective, and low-quality hardware. Heck my wife's $500 Lenovo netbook is poised to outlive my MBP. So once again, stay away from Macintosh laptop computers. They are not worth it.

I’m thinking of getting a Dell or an HP notebook with 13-15-inch screen size soon. I need one with high-resolution display and up to Core i7 processor. --Any suggestions?


  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    I'd highly recommend an Asus. I've had many different brand computers, I've dealt with Dell, Acer, and Toshiba. My old Dell wasn't too bad (I mean really old, I can't speak for what they make now, but reviews are good).

    My Acer was a total nightmare, I spent more time trying to fix it than to use it.

    I bought a Toshiba Laptop in 2004, and it was amazingly well built, rock solid. It was still working good as new, with nothing more than a few scratches on it (Which were barely noticeable due to the rough finish) in 2009. This was until my sister somehow dropped her 25" CRT TV on it, which crushed the screen. It still worked with an external monitor plugged into the VGA port.

    With knowledge of how great my old Toshiba was, I bought a new one in 2008, and had it for a year. In that year, I had the keyboard replaced twice, the motherboard replaced once, and after that, when the hard drive gave out, I gave up on the laptop.

    In 2009, I was sick of buying laptops based only on the specs and price, so I spent a long time looking up reviews, and ended up buying an Asus laptop. I've had it for a year now, and have had absolutely no troubles with it. My mom, brother, and sister all have Asus laptops now, and none of us have had troubles with them.

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    "I’m thinking of getting a Dell"-> The screen of my Dell Studio has just died, three months after the end of the 1-year warranty... Estimated cost: 400$ for a 1000$ laptop.

  3. I suggest go with Toshiba. They build durable laptops. My sister had a Toshiba Satellite (Intel Centrino) time until now the only thing died is only the battery.

  4. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Why were you using a Mac in the first place? :S

  5. tricqsterJuly 22, 2010

    I am happy with two Lenovo thinkpads.

  6. thanks for the heads up.

    got a toshiba before and used it for 3 years it performed good, sold it. my fujitsu, used it only for a year then the motherboard gave up.

    have an msi right now with amd turion x2 using it for 3 years now no problem, except for the heat dissipating on the palm rest. it might be due to the location of the installed hard drive.

    i'm looking for a new laptop right now, with an amd neo k625 processor but with good heat management or at the highend intel core i5-540um with ati graphics card, screen 12" or under.

    went to a lenovo store here in cebu city, was trying to look for thinkpad x100e but they only have the unit with an amd mv-40 processor. x100e with either amd L335 or L625 will be good.

    will be running linux and kvm on it.

  7. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    Every company has its issues. I am an IT executive and in the business / gov / edu world Lenovo laptops usually last until they are obsolete, which is not long obviously these days.

    The best bet is to wade in and get the max specs for the max amount spent.

    Go for the i7 Toshiba, Sony, HP, or Lenovo and grab a SSD drive and extended warranty if you can manage it.
    CDW (G), Tigerdirect, and NewEgg usually have the best short-term specials.

  8. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    I had the same problem with my 17".
    Some were released with faulty Nvidia cards.
    Check the model and serial number.
    Apple replaced my logic board outside of warranty with no charge and no data loss.
    It's worth looking into to save the computer you love!

  9. I try na dala did2 sa icenter cebu. Ing-ana pod nahitabo ako mbp. I think we have the same model. Mine is 2 years old unya naa known issue related sa nvidia graphics card. Giilisan ra nila ug logic board and i only have to pay them 1000.00 pesos for labor.

  10. Lenovo edge might be a good replacement just in case you can't avail the free logic board replacement.

  11. Thank you all for the comments and suggestions.

    @mh3rn4nd3z3: It was my dream laptop. I love the design, features, and performance.

  12. @Norlan: Salamat bai! I'll contact iCenter today. I know it's a known issue sa ato MBP model but wala na ko nag expect nga they will replace it for free since I've heard nga daghan pd ang wala na naka avail sa free replacement. Anyway thanks for recommending iCenter coz wala pa ko katawag nila.

  13. AnonymousJuly 22, 2010

    ... it hate that this happened -- sorry to read this.... :)
    I visit your site often -- so you might call me a fan of your site.
    I also love Apple products (though I only have ipod nano with me) I have worked with iMacs -- mostly desktops way back when they still run os 8.

    All I can say is that Apple products -- (they're pricey) but worth it. The hardware are tough and well thought of. But then again there are times these things happen. I'm just sorry you felt bad and maybe turn against apple or something for this.

    Then again -- I'm wishing you luck on your next hardware/laptop -- I'm sure you'll set up a good one because I like your site -- (does this sound right?) -- meaning I'll be reading your laptop adventure soon


  14. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    ASUS all the way!

  15. AnonymousJuly 23, 2010

    I own an iPhone and a MacBook. I have had the phone for two years and the laptop for a year and a half. Never once had a problem (knock on wood).

    Maybe it is the porn sites you're visiting?

  16. @Anonymous questionable fan: Thanks for your concern. I know I've been really unlucky that my supposed to be high-end laptop died early. But I completely blame Apple for not taking cautionary measures while manufacturing their notebooks.

    @Anonymous porn-fan:
    I have a 5 year-old iPod and a 2-year old iPhone too, and both are running well. I just don't trust their laptops anymore so good luck to you.

    -Maybe it is the porn sites you're visiting?

    Maybe, maybe not :-)

  17. AnonymousJuly 26, 2010

    Get yourself System76.

    After Dell failed me (they require Windows only in Canada now, on all laptops), I decided to go there. Worth every damned penny, and the hardware you get is just phenomenal.

    Comes with Ubuntu :)

  18. AnonymousJuly 29, 2010

    If you buy a Dell or HP don't be surprised if it doesn't last six months. Even when buying the enterprise grade laptops they just don't last. My Macbook looks like crap thanks to the crappy plastic used around the keyboard but it has taken far more abuse far longer than any of the many PC laptops I've owned or managed in recent years. I'd say two to three years is about the most you can expect for life of a laptop.

    And you're not going to find a PC laptop that runs as cool or quiet as a Macbook under the same load. And no nice features like the Apple power blocks. If $2000 is a lot for you then get a $1000 Macbook so it won't hurt so much when it dies.

  19. STAY AWAY FROM DELL! they are just as bad and calling support is a nightmare. ASUS, MSI, HP all good choices. Toshiba hit or miss.

    I agree, Mac=overpriced, outdated crap.

  20. I don't think that you can say Macbook's suck based on one experience like this. Yes it is unfortunate but overall Mac and Apple products are good products to use.

    I personally have a Linux server / main rig and a Macbook for all my website development and design work - so far none have let me down.

    Regardless of what operating system you use, there must be a solid backup system put in place to reduce any potential loss of data, which I am pleased to see you have thought about.

    You might be better off selling the MBP on eBay as spare parts, and getting a new Macbook - but I wish you all the best, whatever you decide to do.

  21. Every laptop company has its problems. I have had both good and bad experiences over the years and it totally depends how long your laptop is going to last.

  22. >implying that a hard ware fault resultant of your own misuse of the hardware is because the hardware is not designed properly as opposed to your own ineptitude and inability to respect your own property.

    Grow up OP.

  23. Toshiba Satelite 1800 bought in 2002 lasted all the way until 2010 when it was sold to best buy for a discount on a new computer, the toshiba was still working the last time I saw it, its even fallen off the table once, and traveled 1000s of miles, and been through countless adventures, but it still worked.

  24. I've had a 17" Powerbook for over 4 years and apart from having a new (bigger)hard drive and a problem with the firewire port, it is still doing the business really well - and that is despite me bathing it in red wine when I first bought it!!

    I must confess, I have looked at the shiny (expensive) faster new models and thought 'if only' but then decided to stick with what I have until one of us expires!

    Hoping that is not too soon!

    Sorry to hear about your problems, though!

  25. ymmv OP, but my condolences.

    Toshibas die from overheating in my experience (the entry-level cheap ones at least)

  26. Hello,

    I bought a Mac Imac G5 Intel Core Duo 2.
    It was not the first Intel Imac, but the third generation.
    However the screen had to be replaced 3 times and the power adapter died. Then finally I also replaced the harddrive.

    Then I had a 17'' Mac Book Pro maxed out. The top of line so to say. The Harddrive died and the battery blew up.

    Also I had a different issue with a new 13'' Mac book Pro Core duo where it would not boot up again.

    During this time I also purchased other Computer gear for my PCs and there was not one single issue.

    This was over a timespan of 4 years, I will not go back.

  27. Hello i had the same exact thing happen to my MACBOOK PRO. It is a defect from Nvida graphic card. Apple is aware of this problem and will fix it for you FREE OF CHARGE. i don't have an extended warranty. so i did some research online and i was not the only one with this problem. if you have the Nivida GeForce 8600 graphic card on your mac then they'll fix it cause thats the model number that causes the defect.. Call Apple or go to your nearest Apple store and they'll fix it. They Replaced my Logic Board free of charge. i hope this helps.

  28. I've had a 13" white MacBook for three years. It runs excellently, especially considering the abuse I give it. It's not uncommon for me to keep it running for days, even weeks. Many of the tasks I use it for (virtualization, Adobe CS5 suite, etc.) tend to use 5+ GB of RAM and most of my processing power, but it doesn't quit. It could be quieter and the end of my enclosure is beginning to chip away again (the Apple Store fixed it for free the first time, no warranty), but besides that, no complaints.

    With that said, I am tempted to save money and get an Asus or Toshiba for my next desktop-replacement and dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu LTS. Both are faster and more secure than OS X (although Windows obviously isn't as safe). Given Apple's popularity, I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more malware for Macs within the next year or so. [Snow] Leopard has to many gaping security holes and security updates lag a bit, so it may be a good time to hop off the Mac fan-wagon.

    I love my iPhone and iPad, though, and my MacBook is by far the best laptop I've ever had.

  29. We share the same sentiments :( Macbook pro was my dream laptop so i invested on it. but i guess we didn't get the worth of our money. I called apple california, to get some re-considerations but they didn't grant me one. I feel bad having to say this but APPLE IS REALLY DISAPPOINTING :|

  30. be careful your macbook lasted longer than most pc's do!

  31. I love my MBP. My old one was still fine after 5years and I only sold it cause I got my new one very cheap from a good friend.