Tubigon, Bohol’s Official Website Vandalized

Tubigon, Bohol’s Official Website Vandalized: A hacker or rather a system cracker, known as S4udi S3curity T3rror lamely defaced the official government website of Tubigon, Bohol. As of the time of writing, is still down. You will be redirected here when you try to visit the site.

The cause of the intrusion was definitely a result of the system administrator’s failure to maintain the server security of the website. It could have been easily prevented if necessary security measures were made.

Click on the image for a larger view of the defaced site.

Some words of advice to the defacer: Do something useful next time. If ever you break into a web-server again, please report the vulnerabilities to the system administrator rather than doing lousy cracking or vandalizing.

Some words of advice to the system administrator: Better luck next time. Learn your lesson. And please fix the defaced site as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Tubigon, Bohol website is now fixed.


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2007

    Very interesting post. I will help you spread the news so that appropriate actions can be done.

  2. thank you very much ms unix.

  3. bay, nice blog. i am surely going to check your blog once in a while. by the way, would you be willing to join us at am trying to organize a group who will co-maintain/co-author it as a blog on bohol according to boholanos. would you be interested? hope so. thanks.

  4. Salamat bay. I'm interested and I'll help as much as I can.

  5. i know the guy who made this site... this is real unfortunate... i've also experienced being hacked way back in my geocities days, i think i will have to make my site security tighter... helpful post, tnx!

  6. No problem Bohol Republic. Do you have a shorter nickname? :)

  7. i dont know if there are laws forbidding deaths to be shown on television but what happened in connection with prof mn's death was unfortunate. however my intention is not to add to the already brewing controversy that his death was deliberate. i would sooner call it avoidable. there are certain procedures which every person should know about when dealing with such cases. the first is that the person should not be moved. the emergency medical procedure including cpr or mouth to mouth should have been administered in situ. i feel that it was the delay in securing medical assistance for the victim that led to his death. similar incidents may be avoided if proper exposure is given to these emergency procedures. such life saving knowledge ought not be limited to the medical field alone. indeed the whole of the medical field is partly responsible for this tragic loss to our critical tradition. i as a layman am unaware of what to do in such a circumstance and therefore the audience and the media at the menu ought not be blamed. the only criticism that can be aimed at the media is that they gave undue importance to sensationalising the event. it is our duty as citizens to see that such things do not happen iln the future

  8. Thanks for the info that Tubigon has its own website. But it's unfortunate that we cannot visit it for the moment.

    I hope the sys ad will be able to fix it.

    I was born there and graduated in Holy Cross many years ago.


  9. wouldn't it be more easy if the USA and its NSA set up a special Department that tests all websites worldwide and recommends fixes for the administrators,..(or even do it for them)
    After all the USA is always spouting its mouth off about security in this age of terror...and most websites use USA technology.
    Their the experts,..with their military capabilities it would be a piece of cake