Clear and Present Danger: Chinese Military Hacked into Pentagon

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Clear and Present Danger: Chinese Military Hacked into Pentagon - In June, the Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network that is considered by many as the most successful cyber attack on the U.S. defense department, say American officials. Read more from for details.

Now that was some serious Chinese hacking, showing the whole world that the U.S. is not invincible. I remembered watching Die Hard 4 while reading the news. A movie for geeks, it depicts a group of American super hackers taking over several U.S. technology infrastructures thus endangering the whole world. Thanks to Bruce Willis, with the help of a few non-evil über geeks, the movie has a happy ending.

But unlike the movie, a disastrous ending could happen in real life. The suspects were Chinese, in particular their own People’s Liberation Army. Think of the potential chaos that could happen if these people can take control of the US nuclear warheads. Now I don’t mean to bad mouth China, but there are other US enemies that might have the capability to do what these smart Chinese have done.

There is certainly a very clear and present danger.

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