Computer User Profiling

Computer User Profiling: In software engineering, performance analysis, more commonly called profiling, is the investigation of a program's behavior using information gathered as the program runs. Its usual goal is to determine which parts of a program are to optimize for speed or memory usage.

In criminology, criminal profiling, is a behavioral and investigative tool that helps investigators to profile an unknown subject or offender.

I made my own kind of profiling, and I will call it computer user profiling. I will analyze computer users' behavior and environment according to their classification. My goal is just for fun and I never did any research or survey for this one. But, I'm using 1/4 of my brain in writing this article to put a little sense to this .

  • The Office Type
They are the kind of users with mainly basic tasks like word processing or just plain internet browsing. Most of them are around 18-60 years old of which, about 70 percent are women.They are using beige-colored PCs with an average clock speed (Intel) of 1 GHz, and are very much contented with their 15 inch or smaller PC monitors. Majority of them uses Windows but don't know who Bill Gates is. They don't or can't do simple OS maintenance tasks that's why when the "blue screen of death comes", they go straight to a technician.

  • The Artist Type
These users spend their time with the computer mostly for photo editing, sketching or for painting. Their ages are usually around 16-35 years old and about 60 percent of them are men. Their computers have an average clock speed (Intel) of 2 GHz. They use larger display usually 17 inch monitors or bigger and around half have dual monitor setup. Majority have Photoshop installed and most of them may have a little knowledge in computer maintenance. They also back up their files occasionally because they value their saved files a lot.

  • The Multimedia Type
They are the type of users who are usually watching movies, internet TVs, and are listening to MP3s from their computer. They usually are those who love to download music files (legal or not) and video files( porn or not) from the internet. They are around 18-40 years old and most of them are male, about 75 percent. They have faster computers, with average Intel clock speed of around 3 GHz and mostly using 21 inch widescreen monitors. They have plenty of multimedia software installed like crappy iTunes, PowerDVD and MediaMonkey. Most of them can do computer maintenance and troubleshooting because they always get viruses from their downloaded porn.

  • The Gamer Type
The users on this group are spending countless hours playing the latest and most popular games. Their ages are ranging from 15-35 years old. Most of them have computers that are super fast, using dual or quad core processors with the latest GPUs, and their monitors are 19 inches on average. Most of them are using Windows because their games are only compatible with it. They are capable of doing maintenance tasks and even troubleshooting as a result of spending a lot of time with their computers.

  • The Geek Type
These type of users are enslaving the computer for themselves. They mostly tweak it, hack it, and program with it commanding it to perform different tasks. Most of them are around 16-40 years old. They own two or more computers and usually have the latest dual or quad core processors. They have a dual or triple monitor setup with an average screen size of around 19 inches. Their choice of OS is Linux and are very passionate about it. Some are also using Windows but are not that passionate about it. They usually write silly articles like this one.

I wonder what type of user you belong to?
A drug user maybe? (he he) just kidding, and please just say NO to it.


  1. A funny article. You got some skills as a writer.