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In Response to Recently, I did a review of CentOS and quickly got a negative feedback from I respect the opinion of the author from the said site, but I have to clarify a few things: I happened to read Is CentOS 5.0 Worth Every Penny? and this made me even grumpier. How smart have you to be to try a LiveCD under VMWare? Why is it live if not for being able to test it "for real", with direct contact with your real hardware?

Me: I may not be as smart as you are but one of the major reasons why I’m testing the LiveCD on VMWare is that it helps me save some time and resources as I don’t have to burn the ISO to a CD in order to use it. But just to be fair, I burned the CentOS LiveCD ISO and tested it “for real” a few moments ago.

These are some troubles that I have encountered while at boot:


...and then my system freezes. I have never met problems like these before when I tried Xubuntu and Linux Mint using this particular hardware configuration. But then again, just to be fair to CentOS, I would say that this could only be an isolated hardware compatibility issue. I hope the gentleman at can now see the importance of a VMWare workstation when testing an OS. Furthermore, just what is in the head of a guy who, while running under VMWare, complains that for Compiz... "The highest set of resolution I can have on my 19 inch screen monitor is only 800x600." Eh?

Me: I did not complain about running Compiz in VMWare because I know that as of now, it is not possible to run Compiz or any other desktop effects on a VM environment. My only complaint was the 800x600 screen resolution I got as a default, and there were no easy options available to set it to a desired size. The 100MB NimbleX Linux LiveCD can easily and effectively change the screen resolution as tested inside my VMWare. Perhaps the gentleman at should try it to see it for himself. The unfair and dumb conclusion is only what would be the logical continuation: «So is CentOS 5.0 worth every penny? Not really.

Me: I’m just being honest. I did not judge the whole CentOS Distribution as my review is only about the CentOS LiveCD version 5.0. To be fair, the gentleman at should have read the review carefully first before giving some harsh remarks.

My main purpose of writing a review is to somehow properly guide users of different levels in choosing a suitable distribution that will fit their needs. I may have my own favorite distro like most Linux users have, but I strive to be fair each and every time I do a review for the sake of reliability.


  1. haay da, pasagdi na si beranger, ingon ana gyud na iyang style sukad pa na sa una.

  2. Mao ing ana 2 c Deranger ky wa pa man gud 2 cya kauyab since birth

  3. Hehe. Daghan man diay tang mga Bisdak diri.

  4. The guy from is totally correct on this one.

    You should stop "reviewing" distro's. You dont know what you are talking about.

    I dislike attacking people in general, but you really make yourself come across as an idiot in the review and in replying to his comments.

    Stop reviewing, please. You only further give yourself and your website a worse name that it already has.

    This is a real poor technical site.

  5. I find the reviews on this site accurate enough and are also witty. This is good for Linux and I hope the author will continue doing his job well. The Beranger guy is not even using Linux. He uses windows XP most of the time.

  6. I hope your day job doesn't involve reviewing operating systems!

  7. AnonymousJuly 03, 2008

    haay da, pasagdi na si beranger, ingon ana gyud na iyang style sukad pa na sa una
    Nice interview. Man, you must have several people just filtering ridiculous comments all day. Thanks
    kral oyun