Firefox Dreaming @ Netopia

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Firefox Dreaming @ Netopia: I’m on a mini vacation right now together with my family. We are in Cebu City and the only way to make a post for today is through an internet café. I’m currently writing this in a place called Netopia, probably the most popular internet café franchise here in the Philippines.

There are about 30 computer cubicles here mostly occupied with people playing computer games. I think I am the only one who is surfing the web and using Microsoft Word at the same time.

Yup, we are all using Windows box in here, and it's understandable because most of the popular games are still made for Windows. However, I'm a bit sad because they are still utilizing Internet Explorer for browsing the web and there’s no way to install Firefox.

I considered Netopia as a big company with probably plenty of good computer technicians and consultants, but it’s very depressing that they are still not using the best internet browser in the world.

I just hope that when I come back here, I will see that Firefox icon on this crappy Windows desktop. I’m out.

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