MEPIS Receives an Early Christmas Gift from Distrowatch

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MEPIS Receives an Early Christmas Gift from Distrowatch: About a week ago, my post was in part regarding some MEPIS community members sending unkind emails to DistroWatch and how it was righteously responded by Ladislav. Just recently, DistroWatch did another honorable thing. They announced that the November 2007 donation is given to MEPIS.

The said amount is worth US$300 in cash courtesy of two online shops ( and selling low-cost CDs and DVDs with Linux, BSD and other open source software, and of course DistroWatch. MEPIS founder Warren Woodford was very happy about the said contribution and quickly sent a message of gratitude to Ladislav.

Since the launch of the Donations Programme in March 2004, DistroWatch has by now donated a total of US$15,590 to various open source software projects.

I am also especially pleased about the recent development. Now I can say that life will go on for MEPIS partly because of that financial assistance and great inspiration that came from DistroWatch. Hopefully, others will also carry out what is righteous, by doing their share in helping their favorite open source projects survive.

I can smell Christmas already. :)

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  1. A very short article that uses the word "righteous" two times... hmm, what would be the righteous thing to say?