The No.1 Auza Project

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The No.1 Auza Project: I am playing a little SEO game right now. I’m not doing this to draw more traffic to this site to gain a little advertising money. I’m doing this just for fun mixed with a little ego-tripping. I want to be No.1 in Google for the keyword: auza.

For those who didn’t know it yet, Auza is my last name. Now who wouldn’t want to see their name at the topmost order of search results?

The Auza on "top" right now is a website of a close relative of mine. So if ever I got lucky and his site will be dethroned by mine, at least the Auza that he will be seeing at the peak is from his closest clan. :)

I’m not really into SEO and I don’t care much about optimizing my site or the “keywords” that I use on my posts in order to be search engine friendly. I just go with the flow. However, the outcome of this No. 1 Auza Project could change my view on the importance of a search engine optimized site.

You can see from the screenshot that my site is still on the No. 5 spot in Google search results when using the keyword auza.

I will just make an update later if ever I’ll be successful in my quest to be the No.1 Auza in the world.

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  1. Your site is at No:3 now. Well your relative is writing abt Auza clan so i guess its gonna be hard for you to dethrone him unless you start writing abt the Auza clan:p