Holy Programming

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While looking for some Python codes using Google Code Search (beta), I got bored and remembered an article entitled “F*cking programming”. --A search query using profane words revealed the evil and yet the funny side of the people behind the codes. So, I began to wonder and think of the opposite side or character of programmers. I searched for “God”.

The results were quite surprising. Here are some of them:

/* My caller (my_socketpair) has validated that this is non-NULL */
fd[0] = sockets[0];
fd[1] = sockets[1];
/* I hereby declare this connection open. May God bless all who cross
her. */
return 0;
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// God save me from this evilness. Below is a very bad
// function. Its out var is really a nsIComponentManagerObsolete
// but it has been cast to a nsIComponentManager.
// The reason for such uglyness is that this function is require for
// backward compatiblity of some plugins. This funciton will
// be removed at some point.
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/* Is this portable? Dear God, spare me from the non-eight-bit
characters. But is it tasteful? */
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# this is done to make sure we aren't duplicating a path (let God sort them out)
if (defined $self->get_root_node) {
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#God knows how to handle these... bless them in the RR class.
bless $self, $class;
return $self
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/* Restart processing. God knows what's in the new absolute path */
start = __real_path;
end = strpbrk(__real_path, "/\\");
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Note: As far as I know, there is nothing like home directory for
the M$ hell. God help the Win95/WinNT users of NSUserDefaults ;-)
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// It seems that even for selection of type "None",
// there _is_ a parent element and it's value is not
// only correct, but very important to us. MSIE is
// certainly the buggiest browser in the world and I
// wonder, God, how can Earth stand it?
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Isupport *Isupports; /* List of ISUPPORT (005) tokens */
MODVAR char *IsupportStrings[5] = {0,0,0,0,0}; /* If we get more than 5 strings, God help us! */
extern char *cmdstr;
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// If SysMem is TRUE, the image should go into system memory. If it is
// FALSE, we will try for video memory. And may God walk at our side in
// the valley of the shadow.
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cmp %l1, 'd'
be no_sun4d_here ! God bless the person who
nop ! tried to run this on sun4d.
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/* NOTE!! While we possibly slept in sync_dev(), somebody else might have
* added "this" block already, so check for that. Thank God for goto's.
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* God help us, we've got to extract the node number from the name
* of the solid that was hit.
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/* Conjure up the beast. May God have mercy on our souls. */
view->details->mozilla = gtk_moz_embed_new ();
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double evaluate(const node * const src, // God have mercy on my
const node * const dst, // const soul const.
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That's why I call it, Holy Programming!

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  1. Great post Jun. This goes to show that some programmers still trust God more than than the programs that they made :)