Chinese New Year Linux Giveaway

I’m no Chinese, but we Filipinos have many superstitious beliefs that we got from Chinese culture. Since today is a significant day because more than a billion Chinese from all over the world is celebrating the so-called Lunar New Year, and since it’s all about giving thanks for all the blessings, I won’t let this day pass without announcing that I will be giving back a tiny good thing. Are you ready for this?

I will be sending out free Linux PDF eBooks. I said eBooks (with an "s") because I will be giving not just one, not two, but three eBooks. One book is intended for Linux newbies, the other for intermediate users, and the last one is for advanced users. This is my own way of expressing my gratitude to our loyal subscribers. And, I promise that there will be more to come if you will stay with us.

Our current RSS feed subscribers might say, what about us you goofball? Relax, you will get your eBooks but you will have to subscribe again via email.

To make it easier for all of you, I provided an email subscription box below. Be sure to activate your subscription later on.

To Windows users who are curious and want to know more about Linux, these eBooks could help you with your first few steps towards using the most exciting operating system ever created, and then realizing its many advantages against your current crappy OS. These eBooks can also serve as your guide if you want to go further or want to learn more. I’ve learned a lot by reading these books and I know you will too.

To those who have not subscribed yet, better do it already because I will be sending these eBooks until the end of February 2008 only. I guess that’s about it. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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PS1. I will begin sending eBooks starting tomorrow. Patience is a virtue.

PS2. The file will be in Zip archive.

PS3. Windows users should not worry. No viruses will be attached :)


  1. Wow I'm subscribing. Can new subscribers get one too? Happy Chinese New Year! Thanks.

  2. @Earl- New subscribers can get one also but until the end of February only.