If Gates, Jobs, and Torvalds Were to Run for President…

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The US Presidential Election is still several months away, but the race for the White House is already heating up. Currently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the most serious contenders (sorry Republicans). I believe either one of them will someday lead the free world.

But, what if tech leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Linus Torvalds were to run for president? Who would you vote for?

You can answer our poll/survey question located at this site’s sidebar but you may want to read the following short intro first to better know our geek presidential candidates:

Bill Gates
Evil or not, he brought immense wealth to Microsoft Corporation and to himself. However, he is also considered as the world’s biggest philanthropist. If ever elected as president, he could make the United States an even richer and more dominant country.

Steve Jobs
The charismatic co-founder of Apple Inc. created some of the most innovative and sleekest-looking consumer electronic products the world has ever seen. If elected president, his creativity could be indispensable as a commander-in-chief, and his magnetism could help bring peace to Iraq.

Linus Torvalds

The kernel man, ‘AKA’ benevolent dictator of the free/open-source Linux operating system has legions of passionate followers. Though his current nationality is still Finnish, he now lives in Portland, Oregon. If eligible to run, and then if ever elected president, his free-software-for-all policy could greatly reduce government spending, thus creating huge budget surplus that can be spent on other more important matters.

You may now vote, and you can also share to us your views via ‘comment’.

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