30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons

Posted by jun auza On 3/19/2008
Tux is the world famous and endearing symbol of Linux. I don’t know any other software mascot that is so loved and venerated other than Tux. There are plenty of reasons for this phenomenon, but I won’t try to enumerate it here. Perhaps seeing my collection of "30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons" can somehow help explain why Tux is so adored. But first, some brief Tux facts:

The concept of the Linux mascot being a penguin came from Linus Torvalds. Tux was created by Larry Ewing in 1996 after an initial suggestion made by Alan Cox and further refined by Linus Torvalds on the Linux kernel mailing list. Linus took his inspiration from a photograph he found on an FTP site, showing a penguin figurine looking strangely like the Creature Comforts characters made by Nick Park. The first person to call the penguin "Tux" was James Hughes, who said that it stood for "(T)orvalds (U)ni(X)". However, many people observe that Tux is also an abbreviation of tuxedo, the outfit which springs to mind when they see a penguin.

Over the years, several versions (shown below) of Tux have been created:

Now, enough about the facts; I'm supposed to be showing you the "30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons", right? So without further delay, here they are:

30 Coolest and Funniest Tux Icons

30. Rambo Tux By Santang

29. Naruto Tux By Unknown

28. Harrux Potter By Santang

27. Charlie Chaplin Tux By Brunocb

26. Crazy Tux By Barbecue

25. Batman By La fouine

24. Zombie Tux By superstar

23. Tux iPod By k-net

22. Tux Rapper By Dirpok

21. Luke Tuxwalker By Wyvern

20. Tux Croft By Santang

19. Alien Tux By Santang

18. Tortux Ninja By Novadk

17. Tux Kenny By Cisoun

16. Tux Spiderman By Overlord59
15. Tux Bart Simpson By La fouine

14. Freddy Krueger Tux By FreddyArt

13. JamaicanTux By Seyv

12. Tux Mario By opensec

11. Mona lisa Tux By Brunocb

10. Tux Homer Simpson By Batux

9. Tux Lee By Santang

8. Tux N'Roses By Brunocb

7. Mickey TUX By jrov

6. TUX Geisha By manuoceane

5. Tux Barracuda - Mr T. By Brunocb

4. Tux Shrek By fcys14

3. Patrick Star Tux By abney317

2. Elvis Prestux By Laurwin

1. Smart Tux By sosoe222

Now where did I get all these cool and funny Tux icons? You can get it all at CrystalXP.net. There are currently more than a thousand high-quality Tux icons available there. Note that this is not a paid advertisement. I'm promoting that site for free for sharing to us these great Tux icons :)

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