Priests and Nuns are Into Linux and Open Source Software

"Priests and nuns are into Linux and Open Source software", that is what Fr. Stephen Cuyos said to me.

Fr. Stephen is a Filipino missionary of the Sacred Heart priest, who blogs & podcasts about his faith and ministry, about the use of new technologies for evangelization, as well as his advocacy for Linux and the Open Source. To know more about this geeky priest, you can visit his personal blog entitled, “Happy Faith”.

When I told Fr. Stephen that I’m quite surprised and glad to know that there is a Catholic priest on earth that’s been using Linux and blogging about open source software at the same time, his answer was, “I’m sure you would be more surprised to know that I am not the only priest who is into Linux. There are many priests as well as nuns who are using and promoting the use of Free and Open Source software (FOSS). It is because the ideals of FOSS (i.e., sharing, cooperation, etc) are so compatible with the social teachings of the Catholic Church.”

This only attests that Free and Open Source software is on the good side.

But, does this prove that closed-source software is really evil? Can open source software developers and enthusiasts like me safely say that we can all go to heaven? Maybe I will ask Fr. Stephen these questions soon when I get to interview him. I also want to know more about his unique and personal experiences with technology, as well as other non-techie but interesting stuff. :-)


  1. Wow, that's great!
    Suddenly, Ubuntu Christian Edition has more relevance to it!

  2. please, do tell, what about the catholic church is good? inquisition, molestation of children or preaching not to use condoms to a country dying of AIDS?

  3. Yup, UBE is great. Running version 7.1 on a Dell Inspiron 4150 flawlessly. All updates applied as I am notified.

  4. I'd be careful toying with the notion that closed-source software is evil. I'm all for FLOSS but I've also read Atlas Shrugged, and there is a balance to met between FLOSS and making money.

  5. You anonymous coward! Mother Church is good. Sure, men may fall into sin, but the Church as a whole is blessed with the Holy Ghost as her guide. As for the 'evils' you cited (inquisition, molestation, etc.), perhaps if you choose to educate yourself on the Church's teachings (i.e. read the Catechism), through prayer and contemplation you will come to understand that the Church only promotes those ideals that sanctify the faithful, thus creating a right relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord. BTW, Linux rocks and your off-topic remark added nothing to the discussion at hand.

  6. excuse me, but calling the church a device of good is an insult to anyone with the intelligence to see that everything has faults. calling the catholic church is an insult to the vague word "good". this religious favoritism took_away from the article, so i commented on it. not to mention how weak your argument is, if we pray and have faith in something for which there is no proof for, we are supposed to realize that Jesus Christ is our lord? words of a deluded and brainwashed individual to put it mildly.

  7. I think this has taken a sacralicious turn to off topic conversation. Title states Linux and OpenSource, not religion debate , which there are a billion websites for debating.

    Please stay focused!!

  8. Conversation has taken a sacralicious turn to off topic. There are a million sites which you can debate your differences.

    Please stay focused.

  9. For a "Catholic approach to information technology" which mostly also applies to any Christian denomination or other religions, please have a look at, namely the Manifesto and the two pieces in the "Articles" section.