20 Coolest Linux Distro-themed Wallpapers

Posted by jun auza On 4/19/2008
Since my list of 25 Coolest Linux Wallpapers unexpectedly became a huge hit, I’m going to share to you some more to keep the Linux pride alive. This time, I have collected some of the coolest, high quality distro-themed wallpapers. I know that you are excited already, so let’s cut to the chase and just present to you the "20 Coolest Linux Distro-themed Wallpapers" in no particular order.

1. Fedora

2. Debian

3. Kubuntu

4. CentOS

5. FreeBSD

6. Gentoo

7. Mint

8. Mandriva

9. Mepis

10. PCLinuxOS

11. OpenBSD

12. Ubuntu

13. RedHat

14. Slax

15. Sabayon

16. Suse

17. Slackware

18. Zenwalk

19. Xubuntu

20. Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, Fedora

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