Top 5 Potential YouTube Killers

YouTube is without doubt the most popular video sharing website on the planet with daily page views of around 100,000,000. At the moment, there are plenty of video sharing sites that are striving to take YouTube down. If you ever wondered which other video sharing websites come close to YouTube in terms of audience share, then you have to read this list of "5 Potential YouTube killers".

5. sevenload
sevenload is an online Web-2.0 media platform used for managing multi media contents. It has estimated page views of about 1,500,000 per day.

sevenload allows users to upload their video and photo contents onto the site and then tag them, put them in albums and share them with other users. In addition, sevenload offers users various multiple other features which are often associated with Web 2.0 websites and interact with other users on the site. sevenload is currently available in three languages: English, German and Turkish. Plans for other languages such as French and Spanish are being made.

4. iFilm was an online archive of short films, movie trailers, and other video clips of interest. Originally founded by independent media and filmmaker Raphael Raphael in 1997 as interactive film and media collective, it now hosts a variety of viral marketing videos, allowing these clips to spread between users easily.

On October 15, 2005, iFilm was purchased by MTV Networks in a multi-million dollar deal. It has since been rebranded as the online site of Spike. has around 2,000,000 page views daily.

3. Metacafe
Metacafe is the largest independent video sharing web site, specializing in short-form original entertainment, where users upload, view, and share video clips.

Metacafe is similar to other top video viewing websites such as YouTube or Dailymotion, but with several key differences. Core differentiators include duplication elimination, adult content filtering, an 80,000 community member reviewer panel, VideoRank™, and Producer Rewards™. Its VideoRank™ system gauges viewer reactions to videos in order to feature those that prove most popular to its viewers. Additionally, Metacafe pays video creators for original work that has exceeded a certain threshold of both total views and VideoRank score through its Producer Rewards™ Program.

Metacafe has an average of 17,000,000 page views per day.

2. Dailymotion
Dailymotion is a video hosting service website, based in Paris, France. Its domain name was registered one month after YouTube (but the site opened one month earlier) with, a French internet domain name provider, and at least one name server is based in France with the .fr name extension.

The site is well known for its superior video quality in comparison with other flash-enabled video hosting websites.

As of January 2008, the site was getting about 16,000 new videos posted daily, and page views in excess of 26 million per day. As of January 2008, Dailymotion had a global Alexa Internet ranking of 38.

1. Tudou
Tudou is the largest video sharing websites in China. Tudou went live on April 15, 2005 and by September, 2007 served over 55 million videos each day.

Tudou states they are one of the world's largest bandwidth users, moving more than 1 Petabyte per day to 7 million users. YouTube does serve a larger number of videos per day, but since the average Tudou video is longer in duration, the total amount of minutes of video being streamed daily from Tudou is significantly larger - about 15 billion minutes vs. 3 billion for YouTube.

Tudou’s daily page view is around 55,000,000.


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