The Anatomy of a Crappy Linux Distro

Posted by jun auza On 5/27/2008
All Linux distributions are not created equal. Some are superior in quality while others are so full of crap.

I have tried plenty of distros my entire life and have experienced using those that made my blood boil. I'm naturally a patient man, however, I have to be honest and share to you (based on my own experience) some of the things that can make me think of a distro as a piece of rubbish.

For me, a Linux distro is crappy when:

1. Installation takes hours to completely finish despite using a high-end machine.

2. It fails to install even after using every given boot parameter.

3. The installer fails to configure the boot loader properly.

4. The size of the system installer is more than 1GB but its included or out-of-the-box applications are mostly not what I wanted.

5. Its package manager can mess up the installed applications after a software update.

6. It sacrifices performance for beauty.

7. It tries to look like Mac OS X or Windows Vista.

8. It has a lightweight window manager but it's slower than a walking turtle.

9. Its project website and help forums treat you like s#!%.

10. It fails to give you necessary updates and security fixes.

11. Its latest distribution version is way buggier than the previous version.

12. Its stability is equal to that of Windows 2000 Me.

13. Have you used a crappy Linux distro? Feel free to add your annoyances here.

I hate those crappy distros, but I still love Linux :)

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