Firefox 3 will Kill 3 Birds with 1 Stone

The release date of the third major edition of the hottest web browser on the planet is just around the corner. If all things went according to planned, Firefox 3, codenamed "Gran Paradiso" will be unleashed some time this June.

Firefox has really come a long way and has already revolutionized the way people browse the web. Let's look ahead and analyze the potential impact of this forthcoming mega release.

*Firefox 3 user share will continue to rise

It will start with the grand release plan -- Download Day (Can I call it D-Day?). Mozilla is aiming to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloads in 24-hour period. I think this is a brilliant publicity stunt that will surely pique the curiosity of non-firefox users -- they will try Firefox, they will like Firefox, and they will spread the word. End result = shocking rise of Firefox user share.

*Firefox 3 will give free and open source software a much-needed boost

What's good for Firefox is good for free and open source software. As growing number of people will embrace Firefox, the "free-software-is-bad-quality" mentality will be eliminated. People will be more aware of the importance of free and open source software, and they will never lock themselves again from the bondage of proprietary software.

*Firefox 3 will make Microsofties pee their pants worry

The wound that Microsoft got from their failure to buy Yahoo is still fresh. The release of Firefox 3 will definitely add insult to injury since Microsoft have dreams of stealing some "Search" market share from Google. We all know that Google and Mozilla are best friends -- now you do the math. As Microsoft's IE user share dwindles, so does Steve Ballmer's patience. If I were he, I would throw the desk this time instead of the chair. What if Microsoft will try to buy Mozilla to get Firefox? Now that would be a good idea for another article :)

What are your expectations of the upcoming Firefox 3? Ask me again and I will answer you this time with only 3 words:



  1. I'm a big Firefox fan, and I'm looking forward to the release of 3.0. Still, I'm a little concerned that some of the wonderful add-ons that make Firefox accessible to individuals with special challenges may not work with it for a while. --Paul

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2008


    Thanks for dropping by. That's true. People will have to wait, but I know it won't be that long as a lot of developers will cope up with the new version. Anyway, it's possible to install both FF2 and FF3 for those who really need those add-ons.

    Best regards,