Pinoy Python User Group -- Pinoy PUG

This is an update to my post entitled “Will Real Python Hackers Please Stand Up”.

I would like to inform everyone that our Pinoy Python User Group (shall we call it Pinoy PUG?) is finally up and running. Thanks to JM for having the initiative to kick things off. JM is currently managing the group and is now sending invitations to those who are interested. You can comment here or drop me an email if you want to become a member of Pinoy Python User Group.

We’ve only just begun, so we need more Python enthusiasts to help take this group to another level.

That's all for now. Thank you and happy hacking ;-)

UPDATE: Join us at Pinoy Python User Group


  1. Hi Jun.

    I'm waiting for the invitation.
    Last May 23-24, we had Prof. Ken Nakamula of Tokyo Metropolitan University as a plenary speaker in the annual convention of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines. He gave a talk on NZMATH a python-based number theory oriented calculation system. He is the supervisor of the development group of NZMATH.
    I also give a talk in the said convention encouraging the math depts of the country to use python in teaching the course on Fundamentals of Computing which is now a CHED-required subject for BSMATH and BS Applied Math students.

    We hope to start teaching Python to our freshman class in BS Applied Math here in Ateneo.

    Lex Muga

  2. Hmmm. NZMATH seems interesting. I'll go check it out.

  3. i'm interested even though i am only 17 a BSIT student... email me..