Romantic Open Source Films, Anyone?

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Are you in the mood for love? If your answer is "sí señor", then perhaps you may like these two open source films that I'm going to share to you. And yes, I said open source.

A movie or film produced using open source software and open source methodology is called an open content film (or open source film). It is usually released with samples or source material (screenplay, script, footage, etc.) that are released under a license which permits other parties to create other derivative works or fan fiction.

The two romantic movies below are great examples of open source films:

Boy Who Never Slept

One of the world's first full-length open source movies, Boy Who Never Slept tells the story of an insomniac writer who happens to meet a teenage girl online. What begins as merely a friendship develops into an unlikely love story wrapped in harsh reality. This film has received media attention from around the world for its open source release, its non-existent budget, and its edgy material. BWNS is a full length movie that anyone can watch, share, and even use in their own derivative works.

Boy Who Never Slept was filmed with a budget of $200. Amazing, isn't it?

You can download the film’s script in PDF HERE.

You can also get the torrent file of video source footage (mpg DVD) and audio files (MP3) HERE.


Cactuses is a 2006 open-source motion picture created by the Arc2 Project, which was consisted of twenty-four High School students and five college students based in Manteca, CA.

Cactuses is the story of a young man named Simon whose life of rejection and broken relationships takes a turn when he meets an older woman named MaryBeth who works at a cactus shop...

The download page for Cactuses can be found HERE.

Or, you can watch it via Google Video HERE.

I hope more open source films like these two will be produced soon. We should also support them because the purpose of creating an open source film is purely for artistic reason and not for any monetary reward.

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