10 Things Worth Doing While Waiting for Firefox 3

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Download Day 2008

Firefox 3 will be unleashed any moment from now. Since probably tons of people are already eagerly waiting for the grand release of the latest version of the best web browser on the planet, I have here a list of things that's worth doing while killing some time.

1. Uninstall Internet Explorer. To Windows users, there's a way to save a few of your disk space, and that's to uninstall Internet Explorer. I have a link here and here that will teach you how. Or, if you have extra time, you can just install Linux.

2. Make a last minute effort to remind friends via email, IRC, IM, Twitter, etc. that Firefox 3 is coming.

3. Call your relatives abroad and tell them how much you missed them. Then, tell them that you have a favor to ask and that’s to download Firefox 3 on Download Day.

4. If you feel like celebrating once Firefox 3 is released, now is the right time to put the beers on the cooler.

5. Play a couple of board games with your friends. Be sure to keep your laptop on your side because you might have too much fun and completely forget about Firefox 3.

6. If you are a girl, head over to a beauty salon and color you hair and nails. The colors blue and orange would be perfect.

7. If you are a guy, head over to a donut store and get some donuts for takeout.

8. Have a total body workout. However, don't overdo it as you might sleep afterwards for a very long time and miss the Download Day.

9. Make a list of add-ons like themes and extensions that you want to install on your upcoming Firefox 3.

10. Reminisce the happy times you have with Firefox 1 and Firefox 2, and remind yourself how lucky you are to have known and used such magnificent web browser.

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  1. AnonymousJune 17, 2008

    LOL for #1. I am also one of those who are waiting for Firefox 3. I'm in a coffee shop right now here in Moscow together with friends. We are meeting here for the Download Day.