openSUSE 11 is Here, My openSUSE 11 Review is Gone

openSUSE 11 has been released today as promised. It is said that this new version includes more than 200 new features specific to openSUSE such as a redesigned installer for a much easier installation, updated ZYpp stack for faster package management, KDE and GNOME desktop improvements, Compiz Fusion enhancements, and a whole lot more.

For more details, you can read the release announcement HERE, and the release notes HERE.

While openSUSE 11 has officially arrived, my openSUSE 11 review link is gone in Distrowatch’s openSUSE review section. I wonder why? It may just be an oversight since another review from ZDNET has also disappeared. I hope it will all be back soon.

Anyway, you can still read my openSUSE 11 review HERE. There is a lively discussion going on right now and you are always free to share to us your views.

To those who want to get openSUSE 11, you can go directly to the download page HERE.

Update: According to Anonymous, "when the final comes out, Ladislav removes all the developmental reviews." -- Now I know why my review is gone.


  1. AnonymousJune 19, 2008

    When the final comes out, Ladislav removes all the developmental reviews. It's always been that way, don't take it personally.

  2. Sorry I didn't know that. Thank you for the info. Cheers!


  3. I've loved Opensource however UBUNTU happens to be my favorite.. will check this out too