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I just learned today that my review of Mint 5 “Elyssa” got noticed by the creator and main developer of the hottest distro in town himself, Clem Lefebvre. I thank him for taking the time to write about my Elyssa review on The Linux Mint Blog.

I really appreciate it when my articles got feedbacks be it positive or negative. Hence, I’m very grateful about this latest comment from Mr. Mint. Here are some key excerpts from his review of my review of Mint 5:

As you can see, it’s not the first date and it won’t be last, and Jun’s wife Beth seems to be OK with it. The codenames encourage the personification of Mint releases and if you’ve been reading Jun before or the Mint Cafe/House in the forums you’re probably used to call them “her” by now… not to mention that it annoys a few people, so even better :)

My wife is OK with it just as long as she won’t catch me saying those names while I'm asleep (hehe). I think the use of women codenames is a brilliant idea. It made Mint really unique.

- Jun said: “Unlike Ubuntu, Mint utilizes a single panel with its very own MintMenu –a python-coded menu that allows for fully customizable text, icons, and colors. Some may like this setup but I still prefer the two-panel and classic GNOME-menu combination.”

–> People usually love it or hate it, and they’re quite passionate about this. I guess this is the kind of choice that should make its way into mintDesktop or mintAssistant.

You are right; you should consider adding it as an option in mintAssistant on the next release. Anyway, GNOME is highly customizable and I know how to tweak it to my fancy so it was never a big issue on my part.

I really enjoyed reading this review. The style was very nice to read and the part about the panels gave me an idea for the upcoming Mint 6. I keep note of what’s coming up here by the way:

Many thanks to Jun for this review and I look forward to reading about his date with Felicia.

Thank you Clem for the kind words, but most importantly, thank you for creating and sharing to us this excellent Linux distribution. The Free and Open source software community is lucky to have a dynamic and passionate developer like you. I look forward to meeting Felicia soon. --Best of luck to you and to all those who are part of Linux Mint.

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