Bohol Wi-Fi Hotspots

I often receive emails these days from people who obviously are interested to visit Bohol. They usually ask me a few basic questions about my home province, so I always lead them to Bohol Blog or simply HERE. However, when the "WiFi" questions are asked, like, are there any Wi-Fi hotspots in Bohol? Where? Is it for free? --I didn't have an answer as I don’t have enough information yet.

Now, due to insistent public demand, I decided to just make a partial list of Bohol’s Internet wireless hotspots. This may not be complete, but I will update this post and add some of Bohol's Wi-Fi areas that I most probably will discover real soon. Here it goes:

Tagbilaran City (Bohol Capital) Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Where? -- Price?
1. Bo’s Café (near Capitol Provincial Offices) -- P100 Globequest Card (good for 1 hour)

2. Bo’s Café (Island City Mall) -- P100 Globequest Card (good for 1 hour)

3. Metro Center Hotel -- P100 Nitro Card (good for 22 hours)

4. Swiss Gourmet Restaurant (BQ Mall) -- P100 Nitro Card (good for 22 hours)

5. Buzzz Café (Island City Mall) -- P100 Globequest Card (good for 1 hour)

Bohol Beach Resorts Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Where? -- Price?
1. Alona Palm (Panglao Island) -- P100 Globequest Card (good for 1 hour)

2. Eskaya (Panglao Island) -- complimentary Wi-Fi connection (with corresponding charges)

3. Bohol Beach Club (Panglao Island) -- Price (to be updated)

4. Amorita Beach Resort (Panglao Island) -- Price (to be updated)

There you have it. As you can see, it’s really hard to get free Wi-Fi connections in Bohol. --Unless you are evil enough and know how to use some hacking tools. Anyway, to those who have information on other Wi-Fi hotspots in Bohol, feel free to share it with us via comment.


  1. Do any of the cell providers have broadband WLAN service for laptops or 3G for the likes of the Apple Iphone?

    I assume Globe is the provider for Globequest. Who is the provider for Nitro? Mozcom or SMART?

  2. @Joey:

    Smart and Globe has WLAN service in Bohol.

    Yes, Mozcom is the ISP of Nitro.

  3. so if i brought my laptop that has built-in Verizon WLAN, I would have broadband access within the range of any Smart or Globe cell tower in Bohol?

    How about an Apple Iphone? Is 3G available in Bohol?

  4. For your use, or public posting.

    I used a nitro card at the Metro Center Hotel. 22 hours for 100PHP is virtually free.

    My card probably has 20 hours left on it.
    Serial number: 200113468412
    User: 1788-2959-2337
    Password 3989

    Please click my website for statistical reasons.


  5. the Loboc Tourism Complex (Docking port for Loboc River Cruising) is a Wi-Fi area, its free to all!

  6. In Lila en Valencia is Globe wired. Why not in Dimiao? $$$$$

  7. @ Joey: Did you find that your Verizon wireless card worked with Globe and / or Smart? And if so, what did you have to do to get it to do so?


  8. ken...of Cerrillos, NM on facebook? You're digging up some almost ancient history from a post i don't even remember i made. I have long gotten rid of that laptop with the built-in Verizon WLAN and the separate Verizon WLAN card with the next laptop. Besides, the roaming charges alone would bankrupt you over there. And Verizon no longer offers unlimited thruput. Best to get a WLAN card from Globe or Smart once you get there for the lowest cost option. Anyway what I use now with my current laptop is the PDANET app with my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S smartphone that has 3G service where i can get it when i can't get WIFI...joey tabaco